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Anon Drekk is a Mandalorian male of Klatooine. He serves in the Mandalore Heavy Fleet as commander of Green Group and Fleet S4 Officer, at the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He hails from Aliit V'r'caah, where he sits upon the Council of Elders as Clan Voice and holds the rank of Warden. His armor is grey and black with dark blue trim, a mirrored visor and helm adorned with spikes and tusks. In military dress he also wears the belt and pauldron of service to the Mand'alor.

Sigil: House Zorda of Clan V'r'caah

Anon Drekk
Biographical Information
Race Klatooinian
Homeworld Klatooine
Clan Aliit V'r'caah
House Zorda
Mother Rolanda
Father Drekk

Venari Haliat (adoptive)

Marital Status Married
Spouse Bernarda Falkrowe
Siblings Unknown
Born Year 6 BCGT Day 239
Languages Mando'a



Religion Manda
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 Meters
Coloring Olive
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore
Title Warden of V'r'caah
Rank Ver'alor Al'verde
Positions Heavy Fleet S4
Awards See Below
Signature AnonAliikSm.png



In the years before Galactic Time, planet Klatooine was the domain of the Hutts. This was the world into which a young Klatooinian boy was born on the 239th day of Year -6. His father Drekk and his mother Rolanda were servants indentured to the local magistrate, Zorda the Hutt. They named him in honor of their master, although this detail had to be kept secret. Hutts were not particularly fond of slave children being given their names.

Like everyone else, he attended the Council School from the time that he was able to run. Drekk was a guard, so that is what his whelp would also become. "Son of Drekk" was evaluated in Year 3 (Galactic Time) and the Council of Elders saw his potential, so the young Klatooinian was sold for a traditional period of hard labor. But he never worked a day in the spice mines. The slaver corvette which he was being transported in was attacked by Mandalorians along the way. The youngling was taken prisoner during the skirmish, but was then adopted by his captor, Venari Haliat and given the name Anon Drekk.

As an adopted member of House Halissk, Anon would not be in line to become Venari's heir, but he was otherwise treated equally and entitled to bear the sigil. He began his training at the Mandalorian Academy through his new family's credentials, although he was much older than most of the other students in his class. This drove Anon to succeed in the hope that one day he might catch up with his own generation. Anon Drekk graduated from the Mandalorian Academy in Year 16 with a Letter of Commendation and professional qualifications in bodybuilding, assault tactics, marksmanship, observation, stealth, vehicle driving, yoke piloting and leadership. He offered his service to the Mandalore Army without delay and his commission was accepted. Ver'alor Drekk was placed under the command of Avianus Antornis but was instructed to take his orders directly from the Fleet Executive Officer, Korlan Mereel.



Anon's first duty post as a Mandalore Army officer was in Serroco City, during the Death Hunt hosted by the Kyr'tsad mercenaries commonly known as the Death Watch. As the city's protectors, Anon's small security force engaged in several armed skirmishes with contestants and fans during the course of the event and also provided an overwatch for a diplomatic ceremony involving many of the splintered clans. It was also at this time that Anon developed a relationship with the authorities of Togoria, who eventually permitted him to recruit clansmen and develop a grassland hunting preserve in the fields surrounding the city of Caross. Anon's ability to organize logistics and create improvised solutions to supply problems on Serroco earned him the additional post of infantry quartermaster.

Anon was deployed a second time in Year 17 as the advanced recon flight for Operation Chaavla Oya'karir. Anon's Star Wing squadron inspected the entire surface of planet Honoghr and catalogued every contact they made, eventually locating and marking a slave facility owned by Riax Tardes on a pad called Ghost Ville. The operation received light GNS coverage and Anon was once even featured making a brief remark about the looming Heavy Fleet blockade. During Anon's tour, he came into ownership of the Hutt Horizon Star Yacht "PLF Ca'laar Solus" (Nightsong One), which remains his personal utility shuttle of choice.

With the retirement of the traditional Triad system, the Mandalore Army had folded into the Mandalore Navy and Anon became tasked with the larger post of Heavy Fleet S4 Officer, in charge of all material supply and logistics. He began developing his own concept, which he coined the Kyrbej Tsad (Battlefield Group) system. At home, the garrison forces could supply themselves from local space stations and yards easily enough. But out in the void, it would be necessary for campaigning forces to carry their own resources in an environment where a centralized supply system would be more vulnerable to destruction.

Year 18 saw the Meridian expedition to Tynna Sector, but Anon spent most of that deployment herding a formation of Y-Wings through hyperspace. It was also the year that Mandalore shed the bureaucracy of government and reformed itself into a corporate mercenary empire. Anon saw some light action under contract to fight for the Twilight Foundation on Togoria, where he recovered two ionized Assassin Droids just as they were about to fall into rival GenSci hands. Anon continued supervising the training, promotion, assignment and outfitting of a growing number of Noghri regular line troopers, while his own private Togorian company also continued to grow and sharpen it's skills.

Anon was granted permission to experiment with his developed Battle Group concept and he proceeded to assemble the first five organically independent strike forces. Each group was to be commanded by a single officer and featured a complete range of Mandalore's highest technology, for the purpose of engaging opposing forces on any front. A capital-class carrier ship served as the group platform and it carried sufficient supply to keep the group operating at full capacity for what Anon gauged to be "an extended period of fairly regular contact without additional support".

Anon's organizational structure for Heavy Fleet Battle Groups and their complement forces became codified after The Blackout of Y19, which corrupted government data storage and resulted in the loss of many important Mandalore documents.

ATAnon Drekk.png


Encouraged to audition for the Dxun Basilisks, Anon was offered a 2nd Season contract to play in the Galactic Shockball League as a rookie Wing in the Wild Space Division. The Dxun Basilisks finished second in the Division with eight wins, three losses and one draw.

Anon met the sharpshooter Bernarda Falkrowe aboard the Mandalore flagship, the Executor Star Destroyer "MSS Kad Ha'rangir". The two courted for three months before Anon had her transferred from the 3rd Assault to Green Group. The two were joined on Year 19 Day 256 and formed House Zorda. Anon felt that if he should bear his father's birth name, then his children should bear his own. A modest celebration was held in Serroco City, but only one person attended, a stranger from Concord Dawn named Con Semper.

Anon has become a celebrated hunter of V'r'caah and holds the council chair of Clan Voice with the title of Warden. Anon's personal battle platform is the Mandalorian Crusader Corvette "PCO Mandokar" (the Right Stuff), although in the service of the Mand'alor he also commands Green Group and it's capital carrier, Imperator Star Destroyer "MSS Yustarud Naast" (Boundary Destroyer).


Portrait: [O-4] A. Drekk 001392 - Heavy Fleet S4 (Y18)


Mandalore Operation Resol'nare SerrocoMandalore Army Betterment AwardMandalore Unit Distinguished Service AwardMandalore Fourth Letter of CommendationMandalore Third Logistic AwardMandalore Two-Year Duty BarMandalore Veteran Award

Mandalore Silver StarMandalore Bronze Star

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