Antoinette Whitley-Elders

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Antoinette Whitley-Elders
Antoinette Main.png
Biographical Information
Race Human (Alderaanian)
Homeworld Alderaan
House Whitley-Elders
Mother Evangelina Whitley
Father Constantine Elders
Siblings Constantine Jr. Whitley-Elders, Mallaroy Whitley-Elders
Born Year -17 (age 37)
Languages Galactic Basic, Hapan, Binary
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.69m
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Tamra Royal Excavations

Whitley-Elders Estate

Antoinette Evangelina Whitley-Elders (pronounced /æntwəˈnɛt ˈwɪtli-ˈɛldərz/) is a geotechnical engineer who specialises in mineral exploration and extraction management. She originates from Alderaan and is employed by Tamra Royal Excavations. She is an heiress to the Whitley-Elder Estate.



One of Antoinette’s most notable features is her mane of naturally blonde hair which can be fashioned into many styles depending on the occasion. Antoinette shares the same hair colour as her sister, mother, and grandmother. Other features include an elongated face, a somewhat strong jawline, relatively high cheekbones, and blue eyes. Although naturally paler in complexion, the woman does tan with relative ease. She stands at 1.69 meters and it would be a mistake to call her a petite woman. Carrying broad shoulders and a large chest, Antoinette is a strong woman that shows moderate muscle definition but more of a generously curved figure. Her waistline gives way to wider hips that are supported by strong thighs – a typical ‘hour-glass’ figure. More trivially, Antoinette has large feet and sizes above the average humanoid male.

Antoinette’s lifestyle means that her fashion varies massively. For the more laborious tasks of her career she will wear standard uniform overalls which are typical within the field. Smart suits dominate most of her closets, mostly worn when visiting official offices and boardrooms. For more sociable moments it wouldn’t be uncommon to see her donning an outfit to impress, likely a dress with an accompany of jewellery to match. However, most of the time she will wear smart-casual attire which she finds best suits most situations.


Antoinette exhibited a natural thirst for knowledge from a young age, always known to be reading one thing or another and seeming to always enjoy sharing what she knew with her siblings. In her adult life this manifests as confidence in her abilities, especially within disciplines she knows well. She believes that with effort, intelligence, and strategic consideration, nothing is impossible. This belief also produces a unending self-criticism within herself. She is not too proud to check herself and her work, valuing transparency and truthfulness above public perception. Growing up within a family that utilises a stringent hierarchy, Antoinette has developed a tireless dedication to duty and thrives within the sanctuary of tradition, rules and standards.

On a social level, Antoinette has been described as warm, and considerate, but at the same time shy, and protective. She values friendships that are forged with consistent contact over a extended period of time rather than those that arrive from fleeting encounters - usually unable to thrive in these type of social situations, and can come across as distant, or sometimes even cold. This has likely stemmed from being raised within her family estate during childhood where her brother, sister, and cousin were her only source of companionship. It's no surprise that these relationships endure to this day, testimony to Antoinette's loyalty.

Within the political arena Antoinette is non-existent and attempts to approach situations from an unbiased position.


Early Life


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Habithus Elders
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