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The Aphrodite
Lictor Large zps5scr0rar.png
Production information
Galactic registry ID# 151508
Production date Day 174 of Year 10 (CGT)
Class Capital
Model Lictor-class Dungeon Ship
Manufacturer Unknown
Technical specifications
Length 764 meters
Speed Hyperdrive: 2.0
Sublight: 30 MGLT
Armament Turbolaser (10)
Standard systems Docking bay (1)
Docking port (1)
Escape pod (4)
Modified systems Exterior paint scheme
Crew 300 (standard)
85 (skeleton)
Cargo capacity 13,000 tons (varied by installed modules)
Commissioned Year 10 (CGT) as Aphrodite
Year 16 (CGT) as the Aphrodite
(Kept name due to it's history)
Role(s) Protection
Fleet Victor o`Cuinn's Armada.
Affiliation Gree Trade Authority/Gree Mining Authority
Owner(s) Victor o`Cuinn


The Aphrodite has a very dark history, short has it may be. On the 174th day of the 10th year, this magnificent ship was commissioned (although by who was never recorded). Shortly after it was purchased for one reason, capture, imprisonment, and execution of Izaak Voitto. Izaak was a well known trader and Avance Coalition member who had done something to catch the attention of Shadow Vigo (and later Vigo) Jormungand Gand. Vigo Gand lured Izaak to the Aphrodite with tales of risk and adventure which would yield great rewards and much fame. Sadly Izaak would find himself nothing more then a play toy for the Shadow Vigo's amusement. Eventually Vigo Gand got bored with his prisoner and took his life. After that the Aphrodite would sit abandoned and forgot over the moon of Revyia until Victor o`Cuinn bought it from Jormungand Gand on the 319th day of year 16. Victor spent many credits having the ship cleaned and the smell of old death removed, and even commissioned Charlena Halo to repaint her. However, Victor decided to leave the name attached to her for the sack of history.

Known Owners

Jormungand Gand
Victor o`Cuinn