Appan Parsu

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Sir Appan Parsu K.R.
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Clan Falleen Clan of Ienith (Title: Yar’borouh)
Mother Tionne Bera Parsu (deceased)
Father Cody Qel Parsu (deceased)
Marital Status Widower
Spouse Leia Leicester (deceased)
Siblings Boro Qel Parsu (Brother)
Children Cody Parsu (-Y4)
Buck Parsu (Y7)
Max Parsu (Y10)
Born -Y25 D97
Languages Basic
Religion Follower of the Force
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.9 Meters (Strong/athletic)
Coloring Bronzed
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Baktoid Armour Workshop
Positions Occasional Pilot
Prior Affiliation Trade Federation

Early years

Appan aged 15.

Born in -Y25 D97, just before the clone wars started! Appan grew up on the family run Nerf farm, of which both parents ran the family venture. It was a small contributed from their Nurf herds to the galaxy wide Nurf Burgers chain. To which Appan's elder brother followed their parents into the family business. During his school years Appan's attitude to learning was rather lacking, he‘d been much more interested in sports (not that he was grade A sports man!) and girls, and later partying which he excelled at. Once he could afford and pilot one, swoop bikes where to take over from sports! One such girl was Ishta Marsha of Alderaan, a seasons younger than Appan. They had been at college together, Ishta had been the head cheerleader for the Shockball team, Appan had been one of the forward players for the team. But their relationship did not start until Appan had a swoop bike accident which took him out of the team for two seasons and in traction for six months. They were a on and off couple throughout their college and Aldera University, until they married in -Y7 D124, aged just 17. But their career choices took them in entirely different directions. Appan pursued his new interests of history, culture and religions, while Ishta entered services as a lawyer! From there on their relationship became strained, and distant due to Appan leaving Alderaan to study with the Alderaanian Cultural Exchange (ACE). Finally their relationship was all but non-existent so they split up and went their separate ways.

Wandering years

Appan’s last two seasons of University he turned his attention to academics, mainly history, culture and religions. He was to be among a small group of students who studied the ruins of Yavin 4, in which he became fascinated with the Jedi Order. He was to learn all that he could from the Aldera University about them, requesting on numerous occasions to the Jedi Order to be allowed to enter their archives. Been denied this, he searched out information on the Jedi. Over the years, visit museums, libraries, as well as from second/third hand experiences of the Jedi around the galaxy. Seeing that not all sentient beings in the galaxy consider the Jedi as a good force! He was to store these interviews and gathered information of the Jedi history on numerous recording devices. After leaving the University he joined the Alderaanian Culture Exchange scheme, which was for University leavers. Appan travelled to many worlds studying their cultures, and history, as well as joining several archaeological digs. It was noted by his father that Appan was not a farmer but had more in common with the families legion Yinn Dax Parsu!

His first was to Cathar, in which he became involved with a female Cathar, whose father challenged Appan to the ritual “Blood Hunt!” Only aged nineteen, he was thrust into a Kiltik nest with only a primitive weapon, that was curved, two handed, having a set of two blades on each side. During which he sustained several injuries and broken bones, most visible is the scare above his right eye. Most of all he was to gain the respect of the Cathar people, being one of very few outsiders to partake in the ritual. For this, and on returning home to Alderaan he was cautioned! Returning to his old Swoop bike stomping grounds and his old friends to party and generally slide back to his ’boy racer’ ways. Rekindled his vices, alcohol, cigars, Parties and women! It was then he meet Leia, an exotic dancer from Courscant, who‘d travelled to Alderaan to change her life!

At the age of twenty-one he and Leia travelled to Kashyyyk to study the Wookiee culture, while under Professor Jamsha Raytor. Jamsha a fellow Alderaanian. Renowned archaeologist and Wookiee specialist Jamsha aged in her mid 50's with a short bob 'white' hair style. While there, Appan studied their social structures and their love of technology working in harmony with nature, which rubbed off on him. He and the Professor stayed with the Wookiee family of Chai'luff for a year and a half which Leia stayed with the Vrieska clan, which was a smaller unit of the same family. Appan was to enjoy studying their language known as Shyriiwook, even though he did not completely master it! During this time he became great friends with the youngest member of the family Chai'luff (Youngest, but still older that Appan, as the Wookiee was 45). His full name was Kollartin Chai'luff, and he helped Appan to learn the complex language as best that his humanoid throat would allow. As the end of Appan, Leia and Jamsha visit came, the family elder Nosscottaa was to present Appan with a traditional Bowcaster. In each case, they are crafted with the user in mind, but this one was made for Nosscottaa’s own grandfather! Thus its energy array is encased in a carved wood body from the great Wroshyr trees of Kashyyyk. For Appan to use it was adapted, else the fact that it was made with a Wookiee in mind, Appan would have never be able to ‘cock’ it!

Again they returned to Alderaan, this time soon to be parents, coursing his personal studies of the Jedi waned, they needed to start working to pay their way. At the city of Nc’Taan while Appan found some work as a bouncer and helping at a speed repair shop. Later, getting a well-paid job at the only spaceport maintaining small freighters, to progress to CR-70 or CR-90’s. Leia returned to her prior career as an exotic dancer, they married early in -Y3. They were given the chance in Y0 to travel to Kamino through ACE, which they did with their four year old son. While Leia and their son returned to Alderaan Appan went on to the second part of the package, to Geonosis before returning to Alderaan, and back to his spaceport job.

Taste for the Bounty

A few months passed before he was called upon for a new type of ‘job’, that needed his ‘expertise’ in Shyriiwook the Wookiee language and his weapons experience with shooting on the farm and his skills in martial arts and melee weapons. Been given some old body armour that was no more than kinetic armour, and told to arm himself. He later learned that he was to be a part of a mercenary/bounty hunting team of five sentient beings. The mark was a Barabel, an extremely dangerous one at that. Who was working with a mercenary group that was run by Wookiees! The group itself was not under suspicion, but it was the Barabel’s involvement with killings and credit stealing from large factions. A year before the team was formed, two bounty hunters had gone after him alone, neither returned and were later found dead by the team! It was this that gave Appan a taste for bounty hunting!

The Suit

Appan during the hunt for Estin Bloomfik.

Generally it is very rare that he is without his aubergine and black custom made armoured powersuit, and even rarer that he bares his face unless he is wearing a synthetic cosmetic disguise, in which there are seven known. The powersuit comes in three main parts, the black body glove, the aubergine purple armour plating and the helmet. The body glove is in itself a major component for Appan’s comfort. It controls his body temperature and keeps him from the elements. The boots are part of the body glove, these are integrated into the armours and helmet network. This is so as the boots have a magnatomic adhesion sole and thus need power. Attached to the body glove are the seventeen individual armour plates, at the abdominal area are eight, small black armour plating that are imbedded into the body glove.

The design of the powersuit is such that it gives the illusion that he is unarmed, due to the cleverly incorporated hand held weapons and suit operated weaponry in to the suit. On closer inspection it will become obvious to the trained eye that he is armed with; two dark purple Relby K-23, and two daggers and two Phrik bladed vibro-sabres (which are to the exacted copies of the Blade of Parsu, the family heir loom that was handed down to Appan). The sabres are a metre in length, tempered to give them a spine down the middle giving a double edge blade as well as their strength. Their hilts are 30cm long dark purple grip. Each has a different inscription down the spin of each blade, these inscriptions are their names. The left is Soulslayer and the right is Doomgiver. The scabbards are incorporated within the Armour Powersuit like his other hand held weapons, which the suit is designed to sharpen the blades edges every time they are replaced. The final two basic weapons are the ornate daggers that are incorporated into his boots.

In his left gauntlet is spring loaded retractable blade that once released, runs the length of his forearm just past his elbow. This gauntlet also incorporates a sonic beam weapon. His right gauntlet incorporates projectile dart shooter and a whip-core thrower, the cord is strong enough to support Appan and one other. The thrower has replenishing mini grappling hooks, at the most it can store three. The core itself comes in cartridges of fifty meter lines. He can, when needed, carry several explosive devices that can be attached directly to the powersuit. Additionally the suit has three anti-security blades, one located on the ankle of his left boot, another at his waist and the third on his right shoulder; these sophisticated electronic instruments can defeat fence fields and tune out security cameras and other alarm systems by use of intense harmonic interference waves.

Set higher, they can erase magnetic locks and give entry to nearly any door. Together they create a safe anti-security field for secret forced entries. In later years he has added a heavily armoured jetpack to his arsenal, which allows him to evaded both rivals and opponents. However this does cut down on what he is able to carry, and he is only able to use it in extreme cases or emergencies.

The Helmets

Floating Helmet.PNG

The helmets design is much like the rest of the powersuit and is useless on its own! It is made to look fairly simple, with only a light located just above the visor been obvious. At its sides are the controls to detach, activate the light and polarize the visor. The visor lenses is polarized to change from clear to gold, the gold not only masks Appan’s face but also the head’s up display on the inside of the visor. The HUD provides Appan with record video imagery from his helmet for later analysis, equipped with a multi-spectral imaging system that can penetrate smoke, fog, and other typical battlefield obstructions. In addition; the helmet featured information on the surrounding environment with GPS capabilities. The HUD also provided a rangefinder data capable of tracking up to 30 targets from a distance of 100 meters in a 180 degree sweep. The overlay also linked to Appan’s jetpack systems to display fire vector and range data. The rangefinder can be deployed horizontally or vertically. The macro-binocular viewplate can be magnified to allow Appan to see great distances, and is equipped with, among other things, an infrared scanner that can be magnified up to 50 times. The infrared scanner magnified light up to 100 times or displayed heat gradations. The HUD's data streams can be controlled by eye movements and blinking. In addition, and with assistance from his ships computer, an advanced penetrating radar allowed his HUD to provide detailed information on nearby rooms, and can be used to scan the HoloNet and connect with databases, allowing him to perform tasks which would normally require a computer terminal, such as searching databases for individuals or even trading on the stock market and buying real estate, from anywhere that is accessible through the HoloNet. The helmet's broadband antenna is capable of intercepting, unscrambling and hack into comlink transmissions.

When not wearing his Custom Armoured Powersuit, he wears, when tinkering with his ships or items, an old faded T-shirt and black or brown pants, with tall black boots. Otherwise he wears dark purple almost black tall boots, dark purple pants with a mauve strip down the outside of each leg. A plum coloured tunic that has a short collar, it is attached by a clasp on its right side, with a diagonal ribbed effect from the clasp across the left side. Over the top of this is an Alderaanian long coat that stops at his ankles. This is dark purple almost black leather coat with plain lines it lacks the oversized collar/lapels and cuffs of most Alderaanian long coats.

Fitting in

Some years passed in which Appan, after cut backs at the spaceport took on several more bounties/ mercenary job’s and private investigations before seeing an advert, to join the Falleen Federation, which he did so in Y8 D278 taking his young family to the capital planet of Falleen. Once becoming a Cadet in the Falleen Navel, he rose through the ranks to eventually Fleet Admiral. During his early career in the FF he liked to frequent the local bars while on shore leave.

Once been owed shore-leave he decided to pick up his newly acquired ship, the 'Star Curve' an YG-4210 that was out in wild space. But on his return, he received an urgent distressed communiqué from his old Cathar sweet heart, Winnie Ranca. He was to aid her escape from a slave merchant Lord Slaiss, incredibly risky considering he had a ship with no weapons! In his attempted rescue he was only able to free several slaves from Lord Slaiss, getting them aboard the Star Curve. While Winnie took ten others on Slaiss's favourite vessel, the Dicksy! An Ubrikkian Luxury Space Yacht. While the Star Curve escaped, the Dicksy was not to get far, having no one with experience of using ships weapons they were sitting ducks. Slaiss's had ordered capture and return or destroy, of which his men went for the latter.

Appan returned to Falleen space, ship in desperate need of repair and mourning the loss of a very close friend! It coursed his drinking habits to spiral out of control, getting him into several bar fights, affecting his family life and landing him in the MoDs cooler several times, until he was ejected from the Falleen Navy and went into civil survive, working for the Department of Construction (DoC) with the Minister of Engineering.

Wife, Leia noticed the difference in Appan during the months that followed after Winnie’s death, due to two further death in the family, his father and cousin. He became distant form her and the boy’s while looking for work outside of the Navy.

The Trial

Things were to all change in Y10 D225, while still working for the DoC. Appan work and lived away from his home on Falleen, away from his young family. Although he was on the road to recovering from his grief, he still frequented the tavern that was on board the Iktotch space station. At this tavern he found comfort in Noami Faytonni an orange Twi’lek. Noami was an old friend of Leia’s, she drifted from her about the time that Appan and Leia became an item. Noami lived and worked on Iktotch’s space station as a liaison officer. Although still keeping close with his family via the holonet, Appan’s career kept him in the Iktotch system, much to Leia’s annoyance. Having already threatened to divorce him soon before their third son’s birth! A threat that never saw the light of day as Leia died on D251 in Y10. At first, it was thought that Appan had killed her! As her untimely death came about during Appan’s shore leave, he was accused of stabbing her by neighbours.

But, after a large scale investigation, Appan was cleared. CCTV evidence showed that Appan had been chasing the assailant, who’d escaped. Finger prints on the knife were not Appan’s but where finger prints from a known criminal. Her knife wounds alone would not have killed her outright, unfortunately Leia had underlining heart issues, dieing from a major heart attack on route to the hospital.

With three children to support an engineering career in hand, Appan sort advices from not an expected source. His first wife, Ishta, claiming that she’d never filed for divorce even though she herself had married again also! Unexpectedly Ishta stood as Appan’s lawyer, and defended him in court. She even brought Appan a psychiatric specialist for his and his children’s wellbeing.

A Time for Vendettas

Seeming to be well on the road to recovery Appan, before returning to duty, submerged himself in family life and several bounties, due to a chance meeting with several contacts who had uncovered the location of Leia’s killer. Appan took this opportunity to corner the man Estin Bloomfik, to conduct a military style interview. Estin pleaded guilty to Liea’s murder on tape and was sent to the Tarkin Penitentiary in the system of Lexrol.

Appan did not returned to duty with the Navy, he decided to retire form the Falleen Navy and return to his range of job’s from private body guard, private investigator, search and rescue pilot, an law enforcer, mercenary and of course, Bounty Hunter. In time he was to locate the killer of his old friend Winnie. Through the slave ringer Tig Reggen, one of Lord Slaiss’s contact, Appan imprisoned Tig at his own penitentiary in the Lexrol system, before going after Slaiss. Who now also resides in the same penitentiary.

Returning to Duty

After a year Appan was to return to the FF Navy, intent on returning as a CO of his own TF, having eyes on the defunct Task Force 2. But by a twist of fate he was offered the position of Mindano Assault Fleet’s XO under the command of Captain Da`epa Ateyn (was then Comdr). With the blessing of Minister of Defence, Minister Gaal, Appan took the post. During the next few months Captain Ateyn had to step down to search for a family member, leaving the MAF in Appan hands. It was not long before the newly appointed NCO, Rear Admiral Briston offered Appan the MAF’s CO post full time, to which he reluctantly accepted the post.

The Divided

The seal of the Clan Ienith, Appan became Yar’borouh in Y12.

Unbeknown to Appan the Federation was to have a massive upheaval, it seemed that the TSK, a fledgling faction had been aided by the Federation since its creation a year before they wish to become independent of the Federation. This was when the ‘rot’ set in. Officers from across the FF started to kick up, pressing for facilities and cities for the citizens to own, among other issues. It all came to a head at the beginning of Y12, officers from the army left, leaving a few cadets/ officers to pick up the pieces. MoE collapsed, having ever fewer officers left! The Navy, both RAF and MAF stayed put, losing only one officer each!

During this period Appan was knighted by King Aldaris. It was suggested by the Minister of Defence that Appan was to take LOA, which he used to be with his sons. After the conspirators had been dealt with several months later Appan returned to duty, and was elevated to the post of Secretary of the Navy shortly after. Also to been promoted to Captain due to his involvement of uncovering the plot against the King and the Federation.

Appan was to bring the Navy forward, with several projects that the Deputy Minister, Jink Knwldg, had been pushing to the previous, disgraced Secretary of the Navy. Appan continued with his duties until his retirement. After the abduction of two Naval officers late in Y12, Appan felt that he was not the man for sitting behind a desk! He was a man of action, needing to be either in a starfighter, on the bridge of a Capital Ship or in his armour on the ground.

Answering the Call

Freeze frame from explosion that took out Appan's platoon.

He accepted a demotion to Deputy Secretary of the Navy. Not that he would agree but he was possible the most experienced Naval man in the Navy at the opening of the galactic battle in the Kira CW sector! Operation ComBeta was thrown into the Secretary of the Armies lap (General Arc Dalton), who turned immediately to the Navy for assistance. Appan took charge due to the lack of leadership from the Secretary of the Navy, to which Appan insisted that the Navy was organized under the Armies leadership.

During the Derra campaign in which brought the Galactic Alliance together as a fighting force, Arc was to give Appan command over the FF’s ground troopers as Arc was elevated to Minister of Defence. Appan took it on himself to be on the front lines and to lead from the front, during which time he was to be elevated to Fleet Admiral and SotN. The battles across Derra raged on for several months, in which it seemed the entire known galactic governments and alliances fort for the systems control. It is unknown who was responsible yet strong evidence points to the Galactic Empire having realised a pathogen into the atmospheres of the systems planets!

Virus Hit

Last picture take of Appan.

The Metamorphosis Virus was to course wide spread damage to DNA to all species that came into contact with it. Dependent of the species deeply affected the leave of damage to the subject. Appan was to fall to its affects but not before been dragged from his last battle on Derra! After liberating Derra's hospital his platoon had been split, on joining the rest of his platoon they were forced into an apartment block. Needing an evac, they headed for the roof. But where force back down into the build before several mission took out the entire building, leaving only a handful of survivors!

Appans injures where interfered with by the virus, as it would not allow his body to heal correctly. For a long time Appan was to rely heavily on med’s and his bandages to keep him free from infections. It is still unknown whether he will fall prey to the virus or whether the treatment will cure him!

Stepping Down

Y14 after five years of services Appan retired his commission from the Falleen Expeditionary Force as its commanding officer. The year before, it was decided that the two departments of the MoD should merge, as the two outdated departments that were fit for terrestrial and sea warfare to become a much more singular streamline machine for spacefaring, planetary warfare. Something that Appan was all for and was actively working towards, unfortunately his worsening condition due to the Derra virus he could not continue, he wished to live what remanded of his life in the company of his family.

New Lease of Life

It was suggested by his family doctor that Appan have three procedures; a cellular strip (it means that they take your DNA and reconstruct and basically it lengthens your life expectancy! But in Appan’s case they were able to stop the damage that the Derra Virus was doing to my body with this procedure, on the plus side it slowing his aging process, which from species to species.) The second procedure epoch deceleration, which takes between five to twenty years off of age! Unfortunately it does not remove any scare tissues, which leads to the third procedure of plastic surgery which gave him his face back.

These procedures took a year and a half to complete, and on returning home to Falleen he wished to return to service, but did not wish to be granted the high rank that he'd been before. He could return as a lower rank but felt that there would be to many who would treat him as the Fleet Admiral he'd been! He’d heard from old friend and commander Otto Kipler who was now living and working in the Trade Federation. It didn’t take long for Appan to decide to leave the FF and join the Trade Federation realizing this was the fresh start he and his family were looking for. After several months of working within the Trade Federations Military Appan retired from military life to help with Baktoid Armour Workshop, as it fitted better with family life!


Attained during civilian life

Through his time with ACE he has an in-depth understanding of the Wookiee language Shyriiwook, and is able to speak the complex language, it is noted that due to his unusual vocal cords which produces his rich deep voice enables him to achieve this unlike most humaniods. He is also verse in Catharese, Huttese and of course his first language basic. He is a Nanadan (Kyoshi - 'teacher'/one below Master) in Melee weapons and hand to hand combat, something he and his brother started at an early age. As well as been pretty handy with a Bowcaster or Relby.

Course taken at ACE;

- Master of Advanced Study Alderaanian culture, sociology and history
- Master of Advanced Study Wookiee culture, sociology and history
- Basic and advanced Shyriiwook spoken language
- Master of Advanced Study Catharese culture, sociology and history
- Basic and advanced Catharese spoken and written language
- Basic Huttese language
- Bach of Philosophy
- Basic information technology training in: (Networking, Operating Systems, System Support, Programming)
- Basic vehicle maintenance
- Basic freighter maintenance

Skills gained through civilian life/courses;

- Basic and advanced unarmed combat training
- Basic and advanced armed combat training with a multitude of hand weapons (Projectiles and melee)
- First-aid training
- Basic and advanced navigation training (ground, air and space)
- Basic light and heavy airborne vehicle training
- Basic camouflage and concealment training in multiple environments
- Basic starfighter/freighter training
- Basic weapons maintenance training (Projectiles and melee)
- Advanced weapons maintenance training (Melee)
- Basic and advanced vehicle maintenance training
- Basic and advanced freighter maintenance training

Attained during service to Falleen Federation

Having been already an extremely skilled pilot before he joined the Falleen Federation, he went on to fly just about anything from a Y-Wing to MC 80b's and everything in between. Jokingly he's always said that it was due to all the computer simulator pilot games he'd played as a kid! Not only is he an excellent pilot, but his pretty handy with a toolkit or a crafting kit. Having some knowledge of basic first aid, city designs and also building.

Since been with the Falleen Federation;

- Basic combat medic training
- Basic and advanced military navigation training (ground, air and space)
- Basic and advanced reconnaissance mounted and dismounted
- Basic and advanced camouflage and concealment training in multiple environments
- Basic and advanced specialised field equipment (demolition/infiltration/search and rescue etc)
- Basic military communications training
- Basic and advanced starfighter/freighter training
- Basic and advanced frigate training
- Basic corvette training
- Basic capital ship training
- Basic and advanced weapons maintenance training (Projectile)
- Basic and advanced star ship Command
- Basic and advanced Command, Control of Military Operations
- Basic and advanced Command, Control and Intelligence of Warfare
- Basic and advanced Command, Control and Communication of Activities
- Basic and advanced Command, Control of Surveillance and Reconnaissance