Arashi Starhunter

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Arashi Starhunter
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Admiral Arashi Starhunter
Biographical Information
Race After Metamorphosis Plague Whiphid
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Sarra Starhunter
Father James Starhunter
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born Year -10 Day 217
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.98 meters
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Anzatan Commonwealth
Rank Admiral

Arashi Starhunter is a Whiphid, last known to work for the Anzatan Commonwealth as CO of their Armed Forces prior to their merger with the Tresario Star Kingdom. He was also an active trader. He was last seen in the custody of the Eidola pirate Syn in late Year 15.

Early Life

Arashi Starhunter was born on Selonia to James and Sarra Starhunter. He had been troubled by recurring nightmares, and started seeing a psychiatrist, Dr. Geraldine "Geri" Marshall to diagnose them. She'd had little success though.

In his junior year at the local high school, he was given a school research project on missing children. While working on the project, Arashi discovered he looked very much like an age-progression photo of a missing child. He investigated further to find other clues that suggested his parents were not his real mom and dad. When he approached Sarra about this, she revealed that he was adopted. Arashi was very much disturbed by this fact. He took a trip to Orce in an attempt to digest what he had just learned. Once there he entered a off-world raffle and won a custom Y-wing

While he was in Orce, one evening, two men claiming to be from Corsec arrived at Arashi's home. Sarra was suspicious and confronted the two, but was shot and killed by the intruders. James also was killed, but not before subduing one agent. The last man searched the house, but not finding Arashi, detonated a bomb in the house.When he returned home he found the remains of his home, Arashi vowed he would hunt down the people responsible for this. Not sure where to start, he boarded his Y-wing and headed out into the galaxy.


Arashi was recruited by Okrim Rimdor a Minister of the Anzatan Commonwealth. With nothing else on his plate, Arashi was glad for the chance to work for a government and joined them, Year 14 Day 218. He started work as part of MoI, he enjoyed flying around the Anzat spaces lines and the free life style of a pilot. Arashi worked hard trying to complete as many jobs a possible to earn extra credits. Soon he was promoted to Clerk only after months of work. On a trip to Qasqi he was attacked by a speeder gang and nearly killed, but he was able to get off a few before escaping on his bulk. Soon after he applied to the Royal Commonwealth Military Academy, because Arashi wanted to learn to defend himself. Arashi studied hard and graduated at the top of his class.

Armed Forces

Arashi was put under Admiral Lev Aris, after graduating from Officer School. He became an active member of RAN. Arashi got permission to take special forces training and passed. A few months later, he was sent to keep the peace on Boonta. Not long after Admiral Jorus Serto took over leadership of RACN, Arashi was promoted to Vice Admiral. Jorus and Arashi worked hard to make RACN one of the most effective navy in the galaxy. After many difficulties they were able to make several improvements. Jorus moved on to other things leaving Arashi in command of RACN.

Metamorphosis Plague

Arashi caught the Metamorphosis Plague on a trip to Derra. Seeing his physical features changing, Arashi became very worried, he started to wear clothes that covered his face and his whole body. Returning to Anzat, he went to every doctor he could find in the nearby sectors, attempting to locate one that could give him back his Corellian looks. After a long search, he had the honor of meeting Doctor Althea Keelin, who was able to get Arashi back most of his human features. Other than the fact that he would have to shave quite a few times a day, he was again "mostly" back to being a Corellian.