Arco Serle

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Arco Serle
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Artesia
Spouse none
Children none
Physical Description
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic, New Republic Military
Rank Lt. Colonel, Army Reserve

Arco Serle is the son and heir to the powerful, hard-driving founder of a large private mining and trading concern in the Artesia Sector of the mid-rim.

He seems decent enough deep down, but his desire to prove himself to his father leads him to often place profit and mission above all else.

Arco is a graduate of some of the top universities and trade schools in the sector, but set out among the stars to gain the hands on experience he will need to one day run the family business.

Career History

Minister of State
Preceded By:
Natalis Oro
Arco Serle
Day 246 Year 18 - Day 94 Year 19
Succeeded By:
Huw Roon

NR Academy Headmaster
Preceded By:
Cordin Siprus
Arco Serle
Succeeded By:
Gothar Elensar