Argo Viridian

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Argo Viridian
Biographical Information
Race Whiphid
Homeworld Toola
Spouse None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.35 meters
Weight 318 kilos
Coloring Golden-Blond with Auburn and Sienna locks
Eye Color dark-brown with intermittent light-blue speckles
Political Information
Affiliation Matukai Dragons
Rank Leader


Upbringing and Early Years

Born and raised on Toola, Argo was trained in self-defence arts from a very young age. Despite a harsh training regime, Argo never lost his good-hearted nature. Schooling was comprehensive, but training for a profession was not.

At the age of 9, he met a troop of gipsies. Those had hired 2 Gamorrean grunts as guards and for sparring. Argo had had potentially saved Rorg's life (the older of the Gamorrean twins) after he had fallen into an icy crevice during a hunting trip, that Argo had joined - against the will of his mother. The gipsies could not retrieve Rorg from the crevice. But Argo's familiarity with the lay of the land provided the vital clue how to access the Gamorrean Rorg Crykee.

Later that same year, his mother was killed while hunting. His father never recovered from the loss. Mostly hunting was what Argo's father taught him from thereon, so he would never suffer his mother's fate. Since his mother's death, Argo felt less connected to his home planet, in no small part because his father refused to teach him the Whiphid way of life, culture and beliefs.

Aged 13 Argo was taken hostage by slave traders who had laid a trap by setting up a hunting trip to 'prove' his worth. Beaten and burnt Argo was eventually, rescued by the Crykee twins. A debt was repaid and the twins disappeared.

After Argo had endured these painful rites of passage, his father deemed Argo fit to fend for himself and left his ancestral home to live his days as an erudite recluse. Not long after his father had left him with an estate he was not sure how to handle, let alone manage, Argo left Toola 2 years later and made the galaxy his backyard. Never tied to a place, his ship being his home, Argo likes to travel.

Search and Rescue

By chance, Argo came across a dagger, that he had remembered Rorg Crykee to once have owned. Displayed in local pawn shop's front window, the weapon's distinct engravings gave the clues he needed. Ornate curls and flower like lines embellished the words: "Serve no master, but yourself". Following his curiosity and the trail of the weapon for 2 years, he found the twins. In chains and enslaved. Much of what Argo had saved and many of his worldly possessions, he sold to pay for the release of Rorg the older, pretending to want to hurt them by separating them. The slavers liked that and charged him extra for his keen interest.

Shortly after, Argo took Rorg back - in chains - pretending, that Rorg had worn out knees and a bad back and generally ill-health, in essence wanting to swap that 'wreck' for the other twin. This ruse was solely designed to get close to the camp again. Once in, the two of them wrought havoc on the slaving outpost saving Akras the younger Crykee and also taking some 600'000 credits in cash, that had been waiting for collection. Since then those short-tempered Gamorreans accompanied him, always watching their backs.

Travelling the galaxy Argo acquired a taste for weapons, droids and ships, which he likes to collect, mostly through purchase and occasionally in a gamble. In the process, he contracted in security and mercenary work.

Recent Affiliation

Currently, Argo works with a small mercenary group, with a reputation for stinging interventions and rapid, often permanent solutions to conflicts. Apart from a wider task of keeping a sector or two secure, this group is passionate about defence facilities in a wide range of settings.


Crykee Twins

Ruad Sisters

Noghri Squads

24 fine soldiers

Togorian Squad

several hunting specialits

Special Rewards

Scientific Datapad.png A restricted Twilight Foundation-issued Datapad


Toola - the home-world for Whiphids