Arimm Kalarous

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Arimm Kalarous
Arimm Avatar.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Diathim
Homeworld Kiffu
Spouse Ansix -deceased
Siblings none
Children Arimous -believed deceased
Born 27 years ago
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Coloring White
Eye Color Dark Green
Political Information
Affiliation Dark Star Hellions
Positions Hellions Enforcer


Arimm Kalarous was born to the Ka'Lara Clan on Kiffu, a small clan numbering a little under 1,200 total. The Ka'Lara lands were harsh and barren, containing little vegetation, and less wild life. Only a small jungle flourished close by, containing fierce beasts and poisonous insects. As a result, Hunters were all trained as warriors, and most game was stolen from neighboring lands. Arimm was raised as any hunter, born of no great importance, and no extraordinary skills.

Arimm had survived on the harsh land for 24 rotations of the sun, growing strong and nimble. He lived as his kinsmen, far separated from the troubles of the galaxy. He had become a full hunter, receiving his tribal Qukuuf, and taking a wife, Ansix, and quickly having a child. A boy, which he named Arimous. He truly believed he would live his life as his ancestors had for generations.


Not two months after the birth of his son, Arimm was woken from his sleep by the roar of ship engines, their powerful rumbles foreign to the Ka'Lara clan, who had never even seen a ship up close. He emerged from his small hut to see over a dozen of the monstrous flying machines landing, and large reptilian men exiting them, wearing metal skins, and carrying rifles.

Ordering Ansix to take their son and run into the jungle, Arimm entered the fray with his kinsmen, fighting back the invaders. But they had no hope of winning, and soon, Arimm noticed ranks breaking away to pursue the women and children.

To abandon his kinsmen in battle was treason in it's worst form... But the Kiffar feared for his family, and broke away, ignoring the shouts from his people as he charged toward the jungle, hoping his family would have gone to the old spring that he had taken them to so many times.

The Breaking Point

Arimm had run for what seemed like hours, his paranoia beating against his mind as he envisioned his family captured or killed. The fear dragged at him, propelling him faster, until, suddenly, he found her. Ansix crawled from behind a large rock, Arimous tucked in her arm. He was overwhelmed with relief, embracing her tightly, experiencing joy for only a short time. For soon, the slaver hounds could be heard not far back... They had tracked HIM!

He again ordered Ansix to hide, against her pleas, and charged back toward the slavers. He accepted death, hoping his sacrifice might give his family a chance.

Arimm sat on his knees, bound and lined up with his other surviving kin before the slavers' ships. He was stoic, watching as escaped women and children were slowly drug back. He watched for hours as more and more were captured, praying his wife would not be among them. As the sun set, he began to feel confident. And then he heard her. A distant scream. He wasn't sure, but he thought it might have been his name she screamed. He bowed his head, feeling the last supports give out as all he knows is taken or lost. He watched them drag her broken body back, tossing her with the rest of the dead. He saw no sign of his boy, but it was irrelevant.. A two-month old child would have no hope of surviving without anyone else. He wasn't even tempted to fight as he was loaded onto the ship with the rest of his kin, now numbering under 400 total. Ka'Lara had been destroyed. And he was now an Austerder, bearing a Qukuuf of a non-existant clan. He had no place on Kiffu anymore, and faced his future with a determination to destroy those who had so completely destroyed his world. His clan. His family.


Arimm had lost track of time. Days, weeks, months, hours. He had no idea how long he had been on the ship before him and his kinsmen were once again herded from their cages and chained together. The ramp to the great sky boat opened, revealing a dry, sandy landscape, hotter and harsher than anything on Kiffu. 'Tatooine' he had heard one slaver say, though he knew not what it meant. He did, however, understand as his kinsmen were lined up, and auctioned one at a time.

As his turn arrived, he did not fight the handler, his spirit already broken, and was sold to a wealthy man. He was not even aware of the gun fire until it was half over, and he found himself moving by instinct, following a strange reptilian sentient through the breaking crowd. He hadn't really considered why, but as the gunfire started, which ended up being a group of do-gooders trying to free slaves, Arimm had simply followed the most dangerous looking being there. In this case, it was a Snake-like being carrying two shot guns, and wearing a leather Cut. The reptile said nothing against Arimm boarding his ship, not even three blocks from the chaos of the slave auction, and so the Kiffar took a leap of faith, deciding it had to be better then chains.

A New Family

The snake-like being later introduced itself as Xakic Jix, and through much discussion, Arimm was introduced to the Dark Star Hellions, and by the end of the night, the Kiffar became a prospect, joining a new family, and taking on a new name, cutting all ties to his past life.

Arimm now counts the day he earned his Patch as the day he was born, and through contracting the Derra virus, and becoming a Diathim, he has even lost his Qukuuf. However, he still considers himself Kiffar, and holds a loathing for his new body.