Arkanian Dominion

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Arkanian Dominion
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General Information
Status Inactive
Leader Prime Minister
Historical Information
Political Information
Type Technocracy/Meritocracy

The Arkanian Dominion is the planetary-based government of the Arkanian nationality. It advocates for the return of Arkanian supremacy and for the peaceful return of Arkania to the Arkanians. Arkanian scholars agree that the Dominion's history is separated into two parts: the First Arkanian Dominion (Year -4,000 to Year -23) and the Second Arkanian Dominion (Year 13 Day 10 to Year 13 Day 100).


The history of the Arkanian Dominion is one of the most extensive and documented in the galaxy. Every bit of the history of the Arkanian Dominion is preserved in books in the Arkanian Archives located in the Palace of the Arkanian Dominion. The Archives are considered one of the most important possessions of the Dominion. Extreme measures are taken to ensure all of Arkania's history is preserved. Only copies of the historical books are released to the public.

All of the history of Arkania that is held in the Archives are hand-written in the Arkanian language on books. The Arkanians believed that history is too valuable to be trusted in holographic-based archives. Because of this, Dominion history has survived for thousands of years.

History of the First Arkanian Dominion

The history of the First Arkanian Dominion is divided into several eras: Pre-Dominion, Birth of the First Dominion, Arkanian Revolution, and Fall of the Dominion.

Pre-Dominion Era

Arkania was originally settled as Sith world. The Sith came to Arkania to bring it into the ancient Sith Empire. They established a library there called Veeshas Tuwan. It is here where the Sith trained and experimented in the dark side of the Force and documented their discoveries. The library grew to an enormous size; so large, in fact, that no one could navigate it.

It was not long after that the newly formed Jedi Order sent several Masters to come and destroy the library and vanquish the Sith. Arkania remained unpopulated for thousands of years.

Birth of the First Dominion

First Battle of Omonoth

The Arkanian Revolution

Fall of the Dominion

The Time Between The Dominions

The time between the First and Second Arkanian Dominion was a turbulent time for Arkanians.

History of the Second Arkanian Dominion

The history of the Second Arkanian Dominion is relatively new and so far only one era has been agreed upon by Arkanian historians.


The Government of the Second Arkanian Dominion is made up of the Council of Ministers.

Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers is made up of the heads of each ministry. Each minister is appointed by the Prime Minister with advice from the Deputy Prime Minister.

Prime Minister

The leader of the Arkanian Dominion, the Prime Minister appoints other Ministers to take care of areas that he would otherwise be too busy to handle. Prior to the disolution of the First Arkanian Dominion, Arkania was ruled by a Corporate Meritocracy with a figurehead royal family. When Adascorp fell, Arkania's royal family did not have the strength to maintain the sovereignty of the Dominion. The solution was clear and the Prime Minister's Office was established.

Year 13 Day 10 - Year 13 Day 100: Sovan Theln was the first Prime Minister of the Second Arkanian Dominion.

Deputy Prime Minister

The position of the Deputy Prime Minister is one of importance. If the Prime Minister is absent or abdicates the Office, the Deputy Prime Minister is there to stand in his or her place as the replacement, whether temporarily or permanently. This position was established soon after the first Prime Minister took office. The Deputy Prime Minister also serves as an adviser to the Prime Minister and heads projects that the Prime Minister cannot spare time in his schedule to handle.

Year 13 Day 12 - Year 13 Day 100: Edgeman Riman was the first Deputy Prime Minister.

Ministry of the Interior

The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for everything that concerns Arkanians and their lives.

Ministry of External Affairs

This ministry is responsible for all foreign relations with other recognized groups in the galaxy. It is made up of ambassadors that represent the Dominion.

Ministry of Industry

The Ministry of Industry is responsible for what makes the Dominion work. They provide jobs for Arkanians in factories, construction sites, and in logistics.

Ministry of Finance

This ministry is responsible for budgeting the operations of the Dominion. The Minister is in charge of ensuring that there are more credits coming into the Dominion than there are going out.

Political Stances

The Arkanian Dominion holds political positions on many topics. Though the Ministry of External Affairs usually represents the Dominion in all diplomacy-related situations regarding the rest of the galaxy, the Prime Minister occasionally makes his position clear as the stance the Dominion takes.

Political Stance in the War

The Arkanian Dominion is officially neutral in the Galactic Civil War though it does take sides in minor conflicts that affect the Dominion and Arkania.

Political Stance on Arkania

The Arkanian Dominion supports the peaceful return of Arkanian supremacy of Arkania. That being said, they have no quarrels with the government that currently owns the planet, the Mandalorians.

Society and Culture

The Arkanian Dominion was once seen as a source of inspirational culture. With the fading of the First Arkanian Dominion, the light that once was Arkania's culture faded with it. With the return of the Dominion, the galaxy is seeing certain traditions return.

Arkanian Language in the Dominion

The Arkanian language is the only formally recognized language that Arkanians speak. Galactic Basic is taught in Arkanian schools only for the purpose of communication with other races in the galaxy. The Arkanian Dominion documents everything in Arkanian and does not write it in any other language. The Archives are also only in Arkanian.


Education is important in the Dominion. All Arkanians report to their first day of school only four years after they are born. The sixteen years of required education is completely paid for by the Arkanian Dominion. Students learn everything there is to know about biology, engineering, and mathematics. They are taught the Arkanian language, Galactic Basic, and they are also required to learn a third language of their choice.

When the First Arkanian Dominion ruled Arkania, there was an university available to Arkanians for an additional five years of study. When the First Dominion disbanded, the university shut down. It is known that one of the main goals of the Second Arkanian Dominion is to reopen the university on Arkania.


Arkanians are a proud species and that is reflected in the Dominion.

A person's rank is regarded to be very important. A person's rank shows that time has been devoted to the Dominion as well as their competence in the field they operate in. Arkanians feel insulted whenever their rank is not properly respected.

Another important point to note when encountering an Arkanian is in regards to gift giving. Arkanians, and especially the Dominion itself, are very materialistic. Arkanians feel insulted when a gift they give is refused. It is also considered an insult when a gift is provided and nothing is provided in return.

It is not known why Arkanians feel strongly about these issues.


The Arkanian economy is centered on the export of minerals and technology and the import of luxurious items. Some exports from the First Dominion include diamonds, raw materials, and medical supplies. Because of the exportation of these items, Arkanian society thrived and was able to bring in vast amounts of wealth. This wealth was spent on luxurious spaceships such as the Arkanian Legacy and other things that made Arkania a civilization of the higher class. It is believed that this overindulgence helped lead to the fall of the First Dominion.

The Second Arkanian Dominion, with the lack of Arkania to call home, currently relies on services to maintain an income through taxation. Many companies, big and small, call the Dominion home.