Arkanian Micro

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Arkanian Micro
General Information
Motto "Taking medical technology to new heights."
Status Active
Leader Lucius von Halberg
2IC Kaan Dekari
Owner The Infinite Empire
Historical Information
Founded Year 12 Day 138 (from Kahun Medical)
Political Information
Affiliation The Infinite Empire (GA)
Industry Production, Medical Service
Holosite Arkanian Micro

Arkanian Micro is led by Minister of Affairs Lucius von Halberg and Deputy Minister of Affairs Kaan Dekari.


Arkanian Micro is a new company that hope to be established to become a multi-facetted company participating in a variety of medical industries. Our specialty is building and training galaxy-wide sales and marketing organizations to promote various medical services and products on a system by system basis through holomarketing, direct marketing, and multi-level marketing. In addition to providing training services, we are also involved in the purchase and sale of Real Estate and other assets.

Arkanian Micro's commitment to innovation and serving consumers' needs aided it in the development of numerous products focusing on both health and convenience. Furthermore, its direct-store distribution system had proven to be so effective that the company's portfolio of partner brands had grown tremendously. With sales steadily climbing in the geographic areas already served by their distribution system, and with several other system and sector market areas still open, Arkanian Mirco's possessed seemingly-unlimited potential for continued growth and success.

About us

The mission of Arkanian Micro is to protect the health, safety, and well being of galactic citizens by regulating the practice of medicine in a manner that promotes quality care.

In addition to its licensing functions, Arkanian Micro conducts investigations, imposes disciplinary action, and supports rehabilitation, education, and research to further its legislative mandate to protect the citizens of the galaxy. Arkanian Micro is also responsible for the scope of practice of First Responders and EMTs.

Along with its role in keeping medicine in the field Arkanian Micro takes a keen interest in advancing medical technology and fields of study. Arkanian Micro has recently developed a top of the line medical lab and is leading the way in cybernetic and cloning technology.


Here at the Arkanian Micro (AM) we can offer you just about everything. We help to train you and to get ahead in the galaxy not only in credits but in job skills. With a good starting salary; you will make 200,000 credits to start off with (while training which only takes about a week.), and as soon as you get promoted, your pay will increase to 1,000,000 then as you get promoted you can earn up to 3,500,000. Plus Bonuses that range from 250,000 to 3,500,00cr. (That means you can earn up to 7,000,000 a month.)

Benefits: 750,000 Sign up Bonus (You get it on your first pay day on top of normal wage.) Competitive Pay Ship Basic Training Monthly Raffles hosted by members of the organization

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