Arthur Von Kaldreon

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Arthur Von Kaldreon
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Tamra IV
House Von Kaldreon
Mother Deceased/Unknown
Father Uther Von Kaldreon
Marital Status Bachelor
Languages Alderaanian; Basic;
Religion Zhellic Ecclesiarchy
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6’0
Weight 180
Coloring White
Hair Color Blond/Brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Archduchy of Tolonda
House Von Kaldreon
Title Prince of Tolonda
Rank Prince of House Von Kaldreon
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Childhood Years

  • Born to a wealthy monarch known Archduke Uther Von Kaldreon of Tolonda. Archduke Von Kaldreon baring one male heir to his throne chose to place his son in the care of the Whispered Scrollkeepers. The Whispered Scrollkeepers took the young prince and hid him away in the planet Krmar II. The Scrollkeepers were charged with raising, training, and protecting the young prince while he kept in hiding. Knowing that the nation was in a state of war for the past several years against many other nations.

Prince and Son Comes Home

  • On Y20 D70, Duke Corey Vildras of Tamra led a charge into Krmar II after Intelligence Reports came to his desk stating Faerytail Family was enslaving new people on the planet. Knowing that the young prince was on the planet. He informed the Archduke of the activities. Archduke Von Kaldreon ordered the full rescue and evacuation of the young prince. Duke Vildras and Margrave Cole led multiple teams into Krmar II: During the rescue the lords engaged in a firefight with Faerytail. The Duke ended up being captured covering the retreat operations of the prince. While Margrave Cole applies pressure in other areas of the planet. Margrave Cole ended up being killed in a battle between AoT and TSK forces.

Strong Bloodlines

  • As the prince was taken to meet his father at his current age. His father Archduke Uther Von Kalfreon senses the force was approaching. Quickly he ordered his son to remain clear minded and open to what may happen. After his father performed a test on his son it became known that Arthur Von Kaldreon was strong in the force. His father from that moment forward took his son on as his apprentice into the The Jensaarai and started his force training.

Personal Life

Philanthropy Endeavors

Romantic Life

Personal Beliefs

Noble Positions

Archduchy of Tolonda

  • The young prince being born to Uther Von Kaldreon made him that of a noble crown prince. ad the crown prince of Tolonda he was taken into training under multiple knights of Tolonda. As he was in his training it became known multiple knights were plotting against the royal family thus causing many to be forced out of their positions. The crown prince taking this knowledge as a learning step in the ways of controlling a small nation against outside influence.

Royal House of Von Kaldreon

  • Prince Arthur Von Kaldreon was born as the first direct bloodline descendant of the Royal House. Being the first of the bloodline entitles him to one day ascend the family house control when his father abdicates the house Archduke position. Which is not to be confused with the Archduke of Tolonda position. Since his father may name another heir to the Tolondan Throne.