Arthur Von Kaldreon

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Arthur Von Kaldreon
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Tamra IV
House House Von Kaldreon
Mother Deceased
Father Uther Von Kaldreon
Marital Status Single
Partner N/A
Languages Alderaanian; Basic;
Religion Zhellic Ecclesiarchy
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6’0
Weight 180
Coloring White
Hair Color Blond/Brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Interstellar Regulators
House Von Kaldreon
Title Exiled Prince
Rank Marshal
Interstellar Regulators
Positions Prince
Prior Affiliation Archduchy of Tolonda
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Childhood Years

  • Born to a wealthy monarch known as Archduke Uther Von Kaldreon of the Archduchy of Tolonda. Archduke Von Kaldreon baring one male heir to his throne chose to place his son in the care of the Hetaeron Guard. The Hetaeron Guard took the young prince and hid him away in the planet Krmar II using a planet in control of a enemy. This allowed the Hetaeron to keep him hidden the best since enemies would be looking for the child in the Archduchy borders. Using this to their advantage they trained the prince in seclusion and secrecy far enough from being discovered and close enough for military and other Tolondans to respond if a time were needed to protect the prince.

Prince and Son Comes Home

On Y20 D70, Duke Corey Vildras of Tamra led a charge into Krmar II after Intelligence Reports came to his desk stating Faerytail Family was enslaving new people on the planet. Knowing that the young prince was on the planet he informed the Archduke of the activities. Which caused the Archduke Von Kaldreon to order the full rescue and evacuation of the young prince. Duke Vildras and Margrave Cole had led multiple teams into Krmar II. During the rescue the lords engaged in a firefight with Faerytail. The Duke ended up being captured covering the retreat operations of the prince. While Margrave Cole was applying pressure in other areas of the planet to keep forces distracted. Margrave Cole was severely wounded ended up being killed in a battle between Tolonda and TSK forces. The efforts of the two lords loyal to the Archduke had allowed the young prince to become rescued and brought to the capital of the Archduchy.

Upon his arrival he met his father for the first time on Tamra I in the Royal House Von Kaldreon Palace. Their meeting was kept secret to avoid outsiders from making assumptions about the Prince and Archduke. What was discussed in the throne room of the palace is known only between that of the father and son that day. After the meeting concluded the prince took a position on the council and was under the guidance of many officers of the council. So that he could take the time to learn new skills that he had not learned while in the protection and tutelage of the Hetaeron Guard. The training he received from the Hetaeron left him in conflict many times with the council members who had varying opinions. His teachings left his strong minded, arrogant, and quick to call out challenges to those of his position and his father.

Exile and Inner Peace

In late year 22, Arthur was exiled by his father after asking his father to abdicate the throne. After years of being in service to his father and the realm he felt it was time the people deserved a ruler who was present in the realm and didn’t forgive traitors who would do further harm. But that was not the case for Arthur’s future. After his exile the faction “Ark” rescued Arthur and his loyalist faction of the realm by providing escape vessels after an attempted killing on anyone loyal to Arthur.

Arthur seeing how deep the corruption in his father was managed to survive with the aid of Ark and his loyalists who rushed to get him out the ambush his father laid. As he and his loyalists escaped they fled north and forged a new destiny in the stars free from corruption of the Sith and his father. Arthur and his band of soldiers and friends formed the “Interstellar Regulators” and have within weeks created many neutral alliances, partnerships, and have taken on the role as the defenders of peace in the north. With such a new found role and support of his friends Arthur achieved a peace he has not known in his entire life. Which has led him to live a life of service unto others and to protect those in need. Using the gifts of the force and his destiny before.

Search for Honor

Noble Positions

Interstellar Regulators

The Archduchy of Tolonda

Royal House of Von Kaldreon

  • Prince Arthur Von Kaldreon was born as the first direct bloodline descendant of the Royal House. Being the first of the bloodline entitles him to one day ascend the family house control when his father abdicates the household position. The position of Archduke of the Royal House of Von Kaldreon intertwines with that of the Archduchy of Tolonda.
Preceded By:
Position Created
Arthur Von Kaldreon
Year 22 Day 301 — Present
Succeeded By:

Prince of Archduchy of Tolonda
Preceded By:
Position Created
Arthur Von Kaldreon
Year 20 Day 70 — Present
Succeeded By: