Asaaj Starwalk

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Asaaj Starwalk
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Delrakkin
Mother Jenassa Starwalk
Father Roland Starwalk
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -14
Died Year 13 Day 142
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.9 meters
Coloring Caucasian
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}
Positions Noble
Prior Affiliation House Starwalk
"There are rulers and there are Urchin, each are equally respectable if they do their duties."
— Asaaj Starwalk

Previous Life

Asaaj was born into minor nobility on the planet Delrakkin. Asaaj, like others born of nobility, lived a privileged life. He attended state dinners alongside his parents, and studied at the planets finest schools. Asaaj had taken a particular love for the high life, he could often be found alone in the palace donning his father's ceremonial armors. He was generally disliked by the commoners under his family's jurisdiction, as he would parade around town in his usual posh demeanor, ordering commoners around and demanding various goods and services.

Around the time Asaaj celebrated his 20th birthday political turmoil gripped the planet. The peasantry, backed by governments promoting "democracy" and "the rights of people", led an uprising. Asaaj's family and several other noble houses refused to capitulate and agree to the terms of the new government. These houses along with several loyalists fought in several skirmishes with the rebels all over the planet. Asaaj himself raised his gold, jewel encrusted DL-18 for what he believed in. He proved to be among the most charismatic of the old guard, leading a company of his to victory in several major battles.

However, the nobility could not withstand the onslaught of the rebels (now considered the planet's legitimate government) attacks. Slowly they were driven back to their final stronghold, the house of Starwalk itself. Asaaj watched as the gates were broken and the main complex was stormed. Watched as the most loyal were gunned down in the courtyard. Asaaj, along with the rest of the survivors were captured. Vengeful, those very souls that were subjugated by Asaaj in his youth forced his family to kiss their boots among other things.

The family was placed under house arrest in a small home. They were brutally treated by their captors. Asaaj spent the next few weeks writing down his feelings in a book which outlined all his beliefs. He believed there were two kinds of people, urchin, and those who rule. He believed the way of the urchin was to serve to rulers and this is how they should be completely devoted to the rulers, and obey without question, and that it was the duty of the rulers to protect the urchin.

One night Asaaj along with his family were rounded up in the middle of the night and loaded onto a skiff. They were taken to the outskirts of town and forced to stand shoulder to shoulder. Fearful of a return of the old guard, the men raised their blasters as his father opened his mouth to speak. His last words were interrupted by blaster fire as his body fell to the ground. The rest of the family was shot and fell to the ground, Asaaj included. Asaaj lay still in the night, a light rain falling on his family's corpses. He waited for the skiff to get out of sight and raised his hand to the burn on his right shoulder. He then ran to his family's hangar where his personal ship, an Aggressor by the name of the Eternal Night, lie. He set off in the ship for the unknown. Vowing revenge on all who defied his view on the world.

His next few years were little more than doing menial labor, even turning to crime to make money. He found his family's space station retreat, which contained the rest of House Starwalks ships and belongings. He took what he could and set off again..

Recent History

On Year 13 Day 88 Asaaj discovered the first intact clone trooper belt seen in years. It was previously believed that all specimens were destroyed to produce the new Imperial Stormtrooper Armor. It was found on a bandit after a small skirmish with Asaaj and his personal squad of soldiers.

Known Vessels

Eternal Night

Asaaj Eternal Night.jpg

From the time Asaaj could fly, the Eternal Night was his personal ship. He spent much time within it's interior flying throughout the system he called home. When his family was killed this is the ship he used to escape the planet.



House Starwalk, avid historians, acquired this ship years before Asaaj's birth. It was his father's personal ship.


Asaaj Coronation.jpg

Flagship of House Starwalk, this is the ship the family used to travel on long excursions. It's luxurious interior was an almost exact copy of Starwalk Palace. It now serves as Asaaj's personal flagship.