Astrid De LaRouge

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Astrid De LaRouge
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Clan Keine Clan
Mother Deceased
Father Deceased
Siblings None
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'2
Hair Color Golden Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Faerytail Family
Rank Faery Queen


Astrid De LaRouge didn't always go by that name. She was given the name by her new family not long after her entire clan, including her father, were murdered in their homes by a group of hired killers... Astrid would discover the reasons behind their brutal murder much later, and the intense need to seek out the Truth would drive her to become the woman she is today...

:In The Dark of the Night:

Esgaroth is burning.png

It was in the middle of one of the most violent winters, and shortly shortly after her thirteenth birthday... By her tribes standards she was now a young woman, and would soon take on her clans markings, the marking of the Keine Clan.

Her families clan had been the dominant Kiffar clan on planet Kiffex for centuries, and had survived conflicts between the other smaller clans whenever they dared raise a hand against the sovereign clan. Part of her fathers duties was to regulate trade between most of the clans, and to monitor almost all political matters... Her father kept a tight reign on relations between the Keine clan and all others of significant size. His duties kept him very busy, and he had little time for most family matters. He had eyes only for his work...

A year before her thirteenth birthday, something occurred , that she wouldn't learn about until many years later, that her father also missed in his obsessive focus on his politics. One of the larger clans secretly held a vendetta against the Keine Clan, and sought out a method to usurp their status as the dominant clan on the planet... That led them to seek out the aide of forces in the stars. They sent out messages promising wealth and loyalty in return for aide. It wasn't long until someone answered... Ships descended on the Keine Clan in the night, while their neighbors invaded from the forests all around...

Blood flowed through the streets like water, and polluted the ground staining it red like the markings on the Kiffar that now bore the red hands of murderers.

Astrid escaped death only because she did not yet bear the markings of her clan, nor did any of the other children under the age of thirteen. They were captured and rounded up like sheep, and led onto the massive metal starships that the off-worlders had invaded on. She watched through a small viewport as the only world she had ever known, disappeared slowly into the cold, blackness of the void of space.

Elysium 3.png

:Growing Dissent:

Soon after her capture and enslavement, her captors saw her true value in her bearing, her intelligence, and her fierce nature. She was given a new name and sent away from the last of her enslaved family to serve a new master, away from the filthy pirate ships that had captured her. Astrid, as she was now called, traveled to a strange new planet to meet her new family of slaves and servants who taught her how to serve her new masters... She also quickly learned the punishment for refusing...

Astrid grew tall and beautiful, and in fact flourished within the metal walls of her masters home. She wore beautiful clothes, and ate the same food as her mistress, and began to learn new languages, science, and history. She developed her skill as a politician just like her father, and she also secretly began collecting information about the betrayal, and brutal murder, of her entire clan...

As a sign of resistance to her captors, Astrid programmed one of the medical droids to perform a task specially for her. She remembered her clans tradition of marking the families symbols on the skin of the members, and to keep her families memory alive, she had the droid tattoo her unmarked skin, claiming her heritage... She kept the markings hidden, as she'd applied them in non traditional places to avoid severe punishment, but the marks were there, and they were of great comfort and encouragement to her...

At age eighteen, Astrids mistress met an unexpected end, and in the chaos of the demise of her owner Astrid made her escape with a cache of stolen credits and a speeder into the hostile streets of Coruscant. The world swallowed her up, and seemed to aide her in her own escape even as local authorities began tracking down all of the servants for questioning...

"The attitude of most inhabitants is that Coruscant exists for the business of government, not for vacations and sunbathing and sightseeing…" ~ Pollux Hax



Astrid, now free of the bonds of slavery, made her own way in the world working in a similar capacity to when she was a slave. She followed a clue to her clans death that she had discovered while in slavery which led her to a prominent diplomat who just so happened to be searching for a capable aide. She made contact with the man in the guise of a Coruscanti woman. He immediately took a liking to her and quickly accepted the beautiful young woman as a member of his staff, oblivious to her true identity, or intent...

Astrid secretly investigated his affairs of state as time passed. She served for two years before ascending to the status of 'personal retainer' of the diplomat before her investigation finally paid off... While sorting through the diplomats affairs, she discovered a note to several persons regarding the tribute payment from the clan that had murdered her family so long ago. The note was brief, but the names of the recipients were all she needed...

Only days later, she was approached by her employer en-route to visit the other conspirators whose names were on her list of traitors and murderers.... He pulled her aside in the darkened ship and drew her close within the darkened halls. He revealed to her that he knew her true identity, and knew of her clans destruction. He whispered promises of wealth and happiness and freedom if she would accept his romantic proposal... And if she didn't, he would turn her over to the very ones who had ordered her clans death...

Astrid retreated back to her room in the ship, locking the door from his persistent attempts to join her. There she spent the night planning the demise of her sick minded employer and his fellow murderers...

She woke the next morning and carried out her morning duties as casually as ever. She was dressed flamboyantly for the meeting of the conspirators, and neither spoke for or against the evil young diplomats offer of marriage... But when the meeting was called to order, she quietly fled the room, back to the ship, leaving the case of "documents" for her employer to open, and seal his own fate...

Astrid heard the resulting explosion as he opened the seal to the case, even as she stepped onto the ramp of the ship so far away from the event. She didn't stop to watch the results of her handiwork. She ordered the R3 unit to chart a course back to Coruscant as she sighed, relieved that maybe... Finally... She had earned her clans markings, and they could rest in peace, avenged...



Astrid spent her free time learning as much as she could and exploring the many opportunities life in a free galaxy presented her. She spent some time in Veritas Press operating as a field investigator and a writer as well as an operator. She only had the opportunity to write one article though before meeting who would become the love of her life. In a private conversation she initiated with Simkin Dragoneel, the leader of Faerytail Medical, Faerytail Recycling, The Je`daii Order, and Guardians of the Fey, Astrid asked questions regarding his writing method and requested assistance with her own writing which Simkin was only too happy to provide.

Over the next few weeks, Astrid proved to be a studious pupil and most resourceful, which Simkin appreciated. They grew closer together during her studies, and eventually the student/pupil relationship developed into something more. After a relatively short period of time, they decided to pursue a different kind of relationship, and Simkin asked Astrid to leave Veritas Press and join him. Though it pained Astrid to leave her family at Veritas, she decided it was best for the relationship if she was where her heart was. Simkin immediately began to teach her about his business and also introduced her to his family in Faerytail.

On Year 16 Day 166, Simkin proposed to Astrid offering her his love, his kingdom, and a splendid engagement ring which she accepted.

SimsRing.png AstridRing.png

Not long after her acceptance and their engagement, talk of family began and the two lovers decided to try and start a family of their own. Sims, unable to procreate, decided that since Astrid so desperately wanted to have children, he would make that happen for her. Using his expertise and his vast array of medical equipment, Sims came up with a solution and used some stored sperm from a former cloning experiment when he was a Coruscanti to implant in his beloved. After a simple procedure and only a short and anxious wait, she conceived what would be their child.