Atan Ona-teac

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Atan Ona-teac
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Coruscant
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1,82 meters
Coloring White
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Grey Wardens
Kingdom of Elysia
Rank First Warden
Positions Leader of Kingdom of Elysia

The Beginning

Born between the multiple skyscrapers of the ecumenopolis that is Coruscant, Atan's parents lived in CoCo Town. His father worked as a ships mechanical for the freighters and smaller vessels that stop by, while his mother was a housewife. Growing in the collective commercial district had its advantages, Atan spent most of his youth around smugglers, gamblers, pilots and all kind of commercial businessman. Some contraventions here and there, enough to show the boy it won't worth the trouble. Had his ass kicked some times by older boys, a healthy early life one must say. But from all the figures that crossed paths with the young Atan, the ones who really got the boy's attention was the pilots. As his father worked with ships, Atan had access to an amazing variety of vessels from time to time. Sometimes he even "borrowed" a fighter or two in order to pilot a little, but after getting grounded for awhile he understood it put his father job at risk. All in all, the boy had one certainty in mind, someday he would be a pilot.

The Smugglers Ship

It all changed when Atan's parents were killed in a crossfire between the empire law enforcement troopers and some drug dealers that was trying to leave the planet with a freighter full of death sticks. The Wayfarer-class was being repaired by his father and the fight started inside the workshop, there was no chance to run. Atan was crashed, his parents was everything for him. Also, without his father, the workshop wouldn't function and so the rent would not be paid. Atan never learned how to fix ships, he just liked to pilot them. So the young adult did what he thought would be the best, he sold the few belongings he had inherited and converted all in credits. The only good news was that the Empire, after removed all the smuggled cargo from the ship, left the Wayfarer-class on the workshop as payment for the services his father had performed for the smugglers, that never paid for it. Some would say they left the ship as payment for the death of two inocents in CoCo Town, just to shut up anyone that could raise his voice against the Empire. Atan took the ship, the few credits he had raised, a contract to move materials from Coruscant to Lorta, and departed from the city planet heading the Gendius sector. Atan also knew his uncle was residing on Lorta for almost 13 years now, so the plan was to find him and once again rejoin with his familly.

The Kingdom of Elysia

After a long trip, Atan arrived at Lorta and found his uncle Luidas Fox, who was working for the local mining company, Czerka Corporation. The sector was controlled by the Kingdom of Elysia, and Atan decided to apply for citizenship in order to stay with his uncle. Some time passed, Atan now was applying to the Elysian Navy, wich accept him as a pilot. He was trained, he was evalueted, and he was given a Y-Wing in order to patrol the Bhuna Sound system, where the capital was located. Not long after that, Atan joined house Torize, one of the Elysian proeminent houses, and helped Xpofer Tomas, Torize leader, to develop the Rrulinn system.

A New Path

The Elysium - Grey Wardens Station

While doing hauling jobs for Xpofer Tomas, Atan was contacted by the Elysian Navy informing him that the Wardens was testing again and he should present himself at the Elysium, the Wardens station at Bhuna Sound, in order to get tested. He went there, and was received by a Warden named Lucian Vax, who tested him. The test was positive, Lucian Vax informed Atan that he had a strong connection within the force, and must be trained. Soon the First Warden, Calindra Hejaran, came to Atan and explained that now a whole new universe had open to him. He joined the Wardens as an Initiate, and studied the Wardens laws, beliefs and myths. Atan trained under master Calindra Hejaran dunring some time, and after that with master Bannor Skyglow. Once Atan was a full Warden himself, he was now fully involved with the Wardens affairs. At some point Atan tested his good friend, Ling Reen, who would become king of Elysia in the years to come, sensing the force inside him.

The First Warden

Grey Wardens Symbol

Lucian Vax wasn't with them anymore, Calindra Hejaran was more absent due to personal affairs, and then the Wardens was slowly vanishing. Some time has passed, and an old Jedi arrived. Master Rivain Dumat had recently joined the kingdom and, soon enough, became Atan's new master. Atan grew in wisdom under master Rivain Dumat teachings, and with his master help, he was able to restore the Grey Wardens. Ling Reen, now king of Elysia, was also a powerful Warden, and together with master Bannor Skyglow and master Rivain Dumat they composed the Wardens Council, charged to choose the next First Warden. The Council came to a decision and Atan was named First Warden of Elysia, leader of the Grey Wardens. By that time Atan took Sol Keoma as his apprentice, who stayed under his teachings until reach full Warden status. He also trained his friend and king, Ling Reen, every time it was possible.

A New Era

Now, the Kingdom of Elysia falls while Czerka Corporation take control over the governmental affairs. King Ling Reen are still in control of everything, leaving the more mundane problems of the kingdom under the Department of Defense, in the capable hands of Lord Malith Sevath, and the Grey Wardens, with Atan as First Warden and seccond in command.

The Great Absence

The First Warden, feeling the need to dive deep in the knowledge of the force, had to reach for a master out of Elysian space. At Malastare Atan found Lucmark Warren, and stayed under his teachings during a long time. By the time they finished training, and Atan had nothing else to learn with master Warren, he finally felt it was the time to return. Now, way ahead of grand master knowledge, and ready to spread his newly acquired secrets.