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Athena von Victoria is the spawn of a female Kiffar fighter, and a male Hapan pilot. Being that of the daughter of a Kiffar and a Hapan she holds the deadly skills of a Kiffar military mind, and the stunning beauty of a Hapan. When Athena was brought into this galaxy, she was on the planet called Kiffex. From there her life was completely molded due to the ever changing events in her life. Just only a few days after her birth, her father and mother were both struck down by stray shots from a drunken Kiffar that left was kicked out of the pub that was just several alleys over. Her parents were just walking past when the drunken Kiffar decided to make a fool out of him in front of them and accidentally fired the two shots that stole there lives away from baby Athena. As the days went on she was left with just a partly full bottle of baby formula. Luckily enough the usual visit from the delivery man, that brings the families packages of illegal goods. He pounded on the solid door as he was running a bit late on his errands. He waited only a few seconds until he decided to open the door himself to lay the packages inside. As he did, he heard a soft cry coming from a few rooms in. He decided to take a look and when he found out where it was coming from, he knew that something happened to baby Athena's parents. They were killed, so he had no choice but to take the baby with him and to try and find someone better fit to take care of her.

Since that day, that man who took her under her wing since her parents have died. She became a strong and well built women. Knowing how to survive in the forests of Kashyyyk, the dry environment of Tatooine and the skill of the infamous Marksmen. She decided to venture out into the deep vast space in the ship that her very own father had used and owned.


Now that she has left the world that she knew for so long. She is now working alongside her partner. Taking care of the odds and ends of those who do not wish to do so and invest into mercenaries, but only for those wealthy enough.


Athena has high interest in governing her own planet, and an organization as well. While she knows it will be quite out there but she understands that there will be many luxuries when she gains such a position. Her other interests are collecting rare and exotic ships, weapons, armors, and vehicles of all shapes and sizes. She wishes for nothing but success and devotion.

Current Garb

Athena usually wears her groups exclusive fatigues. Being all black and designed to be used for storage and combat. While also have a decent level of comfort.

Current Fleet

Ship: Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle

Class: Freighter

Name: [Classified]

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