Atraena Sarethi

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Atraena Sarethi
Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Mother Cerdyne Sarethi
Father Sarthis Sarethi
Born Year -8 Day 177
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.5 Meters
Coloring Light Blue
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Chiss Ascendancy
House Csapla
Title Merit Adoptive
Positions Ambassador
"The Chiss are a race that have endured since the beginning of time, and will endure till the end of times."
— Atraena Sarethi

Atraena Sarethi, also known by her Chiss name, Atrae`ena`sarethi, is a rising force in the Chiss community - and the galactic community. She is loyal to the Chiss Ascendancy, and is known for her beauty, intelligence, and opinions.

Early Years

Atraena was born on the Chiss homeplanet of Csilla in the year of -8, on the 177th day. Her parents held important professions, making the Sarethi family known quite well in their city, Ac'siel. Her mother, Cerdyne, was a doctor specialized in cybernetics. Her father was a well known advocate for Chiss religion, values, and traditions - passing all of these values onto his only daughter.

Atraena lead a very lavish and extravagant childhood, her family was among the privileged few. Attending school and gaining above-par grades, she was in the upper tier of her class. Over the years, Atraena was motivated by her parents love for Diplomacy and Debating. She gained expertise in these, through many classes geared to train students to become the best in these fields. At the measly age of thirteen, Atraena boasted she was as-prepared in the diplomatic field as the Senators of the Republic.

During her latter-schooling years, Atraena began to take the most advanced classes offered in Ac'siel, capitol of Csilla. Combined with these above-college classes, Atranea began to put her time into the Chiss Ascendancy, where she met many Chiss, one of the most notable was Rachel Keiko-sho, whom Atraena loved for her independent spirit and elegance. The two became close, as Atraena was finally graduating from school - leaving it all together, she decided what was best for her and her values. She joined the Chiss Ascendancy, which she is fiercely loyal to.

Chiss Ascendancy - Rebuilding a Civilization

Intelligent, Beautiful, Opinionated. Some of these things describe Atraena perfectly, they also allow her to fit into Chiss society and more importantly, the Chiss Ascendancy. Almost as soon as Atraena began actually working with the Ascendancy, they realized her niche and prowess in the art of Diplomacy. She was quickly signed to work under Sir Pravus Malum with the Diplomacy of the Ascendancy. She felt at home here, which cemented her loyalty to the cause of the Ascendancy. But, a series of events changed the dynamic for Atraena. Soon, Mr. Malum contracted the deadly Derra Virus, which lead for him to transform into, Coruscanti, by means of the Metamorphosis Plague. Shortly after, Atraena, with her cousin Alannk Kaako, was thrust into the diplomatic spotlight of the Ascendancy. Her and her cousin worked constantly and tirelessly to better the diplomatic standing of the Ascendancy, and too this day still do.

House Csapla

Upon her entry into the Ascendancy, Atraena was faced with a choice on what House to join. Upon her best judgement, she joined House Csapla, which is headed by the noble Aristocra Rachel Keiko-sho.

The Chiss Convention