August Cain

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August Cain
August Cain-1.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Felicia Cain
Father Xander Cain
Marital Status Single
Siblings Leeanna Cain
Children None
Born Year -4, Day 253
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5’ 8’’ – 172cm
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic


August (right) and Leeanna (left), the Smuggling Sister

A Harsh Beginning

August is the eldest of two daughters born to Felicia and Xander Cain. Born on Corellia, when August and Leeanna were 6 and 5 respectively, their Parents were killed during the Second Imperial Civil War, August and her sister were taken in by a caring Smuggler, Rinse Samuels, who was in the process of dropping off aid to the civilian refugees caught up in the conflict.

The Formative Years

Up until the age 18 August and her sister would go on smuggling runs with their adoptive Dad, Rinse Samuels, learning all the tricks of the trade, making quite a reputation for themselves as quick thinking and vastly more intelligent than they would make you believe.

Whilst on a routine run, shipping aid to the oppressed citizens on one of the Galactic Empires controlled planets, after dropping the supplies off, the “Epoch Osprey”, a YT-1300, was suddenly caught in a tractor beam coming from behind a small moon. The three of them were captured and arrested by Imperial forces and charged and sentenced to Imperial Re-Education black site, this was the last time August saw her sister and Rinse.


There is no Data on this time at the present moment


Five years later, August awakened from being unconscious with an almighty throbbing headache. As she rubbed the side of her head, she gelt that part had been shaved clean, and she could feel a massive scar running almost from the temple to the rear of her skull.

As she became more aware of her surroundings, a Noghri male entered the hospital room and introduced himself to her as Gothar Elensar, Knight of the Republic and Dean of Recruitment for the New Republic. He went on explaining that I had been detained on Rodia, after attempting to bribe a security guard at the starport and that they noticed a strange implant attached to the side of my head. After consulting with medical experts, they had realized it was a mind control device that had been damaged and was no longer transmitting or receiving; they went ahead and removed the device which, shortly after, had self-destructed.

After taking time to process the information, August started asking questions about her sister and adoptive father, to which Gothar had no information. August presumed that the same had become of Leeanna and Rinse, but they were still mindless drones in service of the Galactic Empire, or at least that was the lesser of the two hypotheses that August had conjured up in her mind.

It was at this point that Gothar offered August the chance to train with the New Republic and become a Master in their armed forces and to hone her combat techniques to match her piloting skills in order to try and discover the fate the Empire had bestowed on to her and her family.

New Republic Academy

The following months would prove to be some of the toughest months of August's life, both more mentally and physically draining than she had ever experienced before in her smuggling career, however the teachers and other staff on hand were always easy to get along with and would aid in studies without force feeding the information. While at the Academy she met Natalya Volkov and immediately became good friends with, although Natalya had just about finished her studies as August was starting her time, they were still able to bounce ideas between them.