Augustus Hawkes

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Augustus Hawkes
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Joanna Hawkes  
Father Tytos Hawkes  
Spouse Charlotte Hawkes (Missing; Presumed Dead)  
Siblings Hadrian Hawkes
Children Annabeth Hawkes  
Tiberius Hawkes
Ampelius Hawkes
Born Year -31 Day 162 BCGT
Died Year 14 Day 198
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5' 10 (1.79 Meters)
Coloring Fair Skinned
Eye Color Dark Brown
Political Information
Prior Affiliation

Augustus Hawkes was a well established political leader on the planet Alderaan. Hailing from the glistening capital of Alderaan, Aldera, Augustus was the former Deputy Mayor of the city. Augustus during his leadership over House Hawkes, left the bonds of his Homeworld behind, and began to pursue the creation of his own independent ventures. He brought together distant members of his family, and began a sweeping reform of House Hawkes, starting with only meager funds he brought the capital in House Hawkes hands up to nearly a billion. He created a business venture run by his brother Hadrian Hawkes into creation. The venture went on to create millions in revenue for the house, before being dissolved by his successor.


Early Life

Alderaan planet.png Born to Tytos Hawkes and Joanna Hawkes on Year -31 Day 162, infant Augustus seemed destined for great things. And that would prove to be correct.

Tytos was an aid for Senator Amelia Knight of House Knight, who was also part of the reigning royal family, at the Galactic Republic Senate. It was rumored that should Amelia ascend to the throne, the position of Senator would be vacant. Knowing this, Tytos worked hard for the opportunity to serve.

Charlotte was a renowned botanist back on Alderaan.

The first child of the pair, Tytos and Joanna sparred no expense to give Augustus the finest education on the planet and as such was groomed since childhood. Groomed in refined arts, political theaters, and intellectual studies, Augustus was raised to believe that the upper class deserved the very best but his parents were also benevolent in nature and passed that on to their son.

It was when Augustus turned seven years old that he would meet his little brother Hadrian Hawkes. Hadrian's birth was marked as a joyous event that was celebrated all throughout the Hawkes family and close friends. Now having two sons, Tytos felt secure that he could rest knowing they would carry on the Hawkes legacy.

Life On Alderaan

Augustus continued his political education through his teenage years. Many of his teachers exclaimed that he would make a fine politician and perhaps King. The idea of being King was a thought that crossed Augustus' mind frequently but this never came to fruition.

Due to his father's connections and Augstus' own incredible education, Augustus was elected mayor of the capital city of Alderaan at only 19 years old. Mayor of Aldera provided a challenge; but Augustus had his entire childhood education to back him.

Augustus was 20 years old when he met the love of his life, Charlotte Hayworth. Charlotte was working as a secretary in his office and soon a romantic relationship grew. Appropriate or not, the two were in love and a lavish wedding shortly followed. On Year -10 Day 13, Charlotte gave birth to their first son Tiberius Hawkes. Unbeknown to them all, a huge conflict would rock the House to it's very core.

Life Turned To Chaos

Just a few weeks after his Tiberius was born, his grandfather died. Tytos was but one of the many lives claimed in conflict when Grand Admiral Hiram Drayson dissolved the Senate and formed the Galactic Empire.[1]

Fearful for the security of his now vulnerable family and with his new authority as head of the house, Augustus ordered the house to go underground and to sever all ties to the reigning Alderaanian royal family.

Now a strong and independent man, Hadrian run away from home and make his way to Tepasi.

Augustus and his family along with Joanne fled to Taris; leaving behind extended family members and their former lives.

Beginnings After Conflict

After just a few short weeks in a quiet life on Taris, Augustus would leave his mother behind and travel to Dantooine Charlotte, and Tiberius.

Augustus intended on joining the Rebel Alliance and doing everything in his power to help defeat the Empire and restore his homeworld's sovereignty; however Charlotte convinced him to let go of the past and return to Taris.

During the hyper back to Taris Augustus received word that his mother passed on. The loss of his mother threw Augustus into a state of despair and mindless drinking; but the strong love of Charlotte was enough to eventually pull Augustus to normalcy. Joanne's body was recovered and she was given a proper funeral back on Alderaan.

Rebuilding The Past

Now back on Alderaan, the displaced Hawkes struggled to reestablish themselves on the planet. Much was changed, Augustus was no longer welcome in planetary politics and many of the extended members of House Hawkes were lost or killed in uprisings. Their family kept growing however and Charlotte gave birth to another son, Ampelius Hawkes. The last child of the pair was born on Year -7 Day 96 as Annabeth Hawkes, a final blessing.

The couple went on to raise their young family back in the refined spotlight of Alderaan.

From Year -6 to Year 13, records of Hawkes activities have been unknown.

Moving Forward

With their children were all grown up, Augustus and Charlotte knew their children would soon leave to find their own place in the galaxy just as their parents did years before them. Augustus and Charlotte spent many intimate nights discussing their future plans and eventually one was decided.

Augustus would take his children to the galaxy beyond and forge a new destiny for their family; while Charlotte would remain on Alderaan and manage the House activities there.

On Year 14 Day 129, Augustus took a job opportunity with Dark Skies Gearworks, led by Countess Lilith Delcroix.

On Year 14 Day 141, Augusuts was granted Level 1 Citizenship within the Trade Federation.

An Unexpected Discovery

Augustus shortly after discovering his strength in the Force, training with the Jedi Order

On the day of his 45th birthday, Augustus returned to Alderaan with his entire family to celebrate. Among the family was an unknown and powerful sentient. Eshaar Gnor had come to meet privately with Augustus.

In a short and personal meeting, Eshaar disclosed that he traveled to Alderaan for the fact that he felt an affinity of the Force from the planet. Traveling to the planet, the force grew stronger and then concluded that the source was Augustus.

Augustus knew he was special though he could not explain why, his parent had always told him that he was destined for great things. From that moment on Augustus decided to focus his life on honing his new-found powers.


After two months of working for Dark Skies Gearworks, Augustus was afforded a small vacation to his ancestral planet of Alderaan. Just in time for their 25th anniversary, and hoping to surprise her, Augustus decided to surprise his wife with the visit.

What he discovered would change his life forever.

His home, ransacked.

His wife, kidnapped.

Left behind was a missive bearing the New Republic insignia. The rebel scum arrested and detained Charlotte for the House's rumored ties to the Galactic Empire and the criminal families of Black Sun. No mention of possible release, no note of a commanding officer, not even a whisper as to the location of his wife.

Distraught, Augustus called forth his children for support. It was soon agreed that the House would turn staunchly Anti-Republic. On this day, Augustus vowed to get justice for his family. He had fallen to the Dark Side of the Force

Worlds Apart

On Year 14 Day 184, Augustus officially resigned from Dark Skies Gearworks. Still professionally and politely despite the trauma of losing his wife possibly forever, and made his way to enlisting in the Empire

Augustus already has in mind as to which branch to go into, and if accepted, he will be one of the oldest to enlist.

Claim on Alderaan

With the tradition of a ruling House ruling Alderaan abandoned, House Hawkes is one of the many claiming Alderaan.

Currently, Alderaan is governed by the Tenloss Syndicate a corporation that Augustus calls 'outdated'.

Known Vessels

Awards & Positions

Dark Skies Gearworks

Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received



Demolition Expert I

Lilith Delcroix

Year 14 Day 155

Accolade given for recycling 20 entities successfully


Demolition Expert II

Lilith Delrcroix

Year 14 Day 184

Accolade given for recycling 75 entities successfully


Employee of the Month

Lilith Delcroix

Year 14 Day 155

Employee of the Month - April 2013


Preceeded By:
Assistant to Lilith Delcroix
Year 14 Day 129 - Year 14 Day 184
Succeeded By: