Auzar Thornian

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Auzar Thornian
Biographical Information
Race Muun
Homeworld Muunilinst
Mother Peruenus Thornian
Father Houstakori Thornian
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Triumvirate Coalition, Triumvirate Space Technologies
Rank R&D-R7.png
   Naval Scientist
Prior Affiliation None
  • Thanos Campaign
  • Pesmenben Service Award
  • Teraab Service Award
  • Great Architect Silver
Centrality-Service-Award.png Award Great Architect Silver.png

Auzar Thornian is a Muun, and a former member of Triumvirate Space Technologies, which was a subsidiary of the Triumvirate Coalition but eventually merged back into the Triumvirate Coalition.

He is always seen with a mic on the side of his head so he can talk with whoever needs to talk to him, or whoever he needs to talk to.


Early Years

Auzar Thornian was born on Muunilinst. Through his childhood his parents kept pushing him to become the best in everything. Mathematics especially, which was typical for anyone of their race. Auzar always struggled wanting to play with his friends or on the many games and pieces of technologies he had at his home. Failing a good many times through the schooling systems set on their home planet of Muunilinst his parents punished him harshly trying to teach him their ways. He had a very controlled life.

Even though his grades were never the best he was amazingly intelligent with his complicated philosophical and self educated views and approach. Though Muun follow by the book and attach titles to their egos, he was seen as a failure and mocked mostly his whole life, with other Muuns saying that if he didn't have the grades he truly didn't know anything of how things worked. Seeing the education system flawed and pretty much everything in society he wanted to leave and never come back.

His fascination grew with droids in his early years instead of economics and business which made him stand out from other Muun. As most concern all logical thinking on banking, making profits, and the like. He loves droids the most out of anything but also loves technology, computers, spaceships and much more. Most Muun just have their thoughts on material and economic gain. Auzar wished his own race would see the errors in their ways.

When he finally got the chance to finish his studies he quickly left his home world seeking somewhere to make a living doing at least something with droids. Also where he can finally do his own things for once and be himself instead of being told what to do, what to believe, how to behave and what to do in all things in life.

A Strange Height

He is unusually tall for someone of his kind. He towers over most. Usually everyones to his shoulders or lower. So hes very easy to spot in a crowd. He grew more then others in his early days. He was like a tree in fast forward. Just at 10 he was 5'2. So he was called a giant in his early days of school. Some sprout earlier then others and Auzar was an exception of that. He is now 6'9 and sometimes has troubles with the insides of many spaceships. And their chairs.

The Triumvirate Coalition


Soon after he left Muunilinst he was messaged by Eimit`fy Nadgob a Consul from Triumvirate Coalition. Soon after this, Auzar found himself at his new home at Pesmenben III and welcomed for the first time in his life he felt connected to a whole new range of friends. During his time in the Coalition he got to enhance his education skills and train in the Triumvirate academy. During this time he gained more knowledge of ships, mathematics, research and technology, and the galaxy and its many planets and systems. As well as all the races throughout the galaxy. Never did he have this type of education and it was more laid back and less controlling then his education he received on Muunilinst.

Finishing his training in the Triumvirate Academy he was accepted into the Triumvirate Space Technologies in Naval Architecture for the Triumvirate Coalition which has now merged into the Triumvirate Coalition itself.

Triumvirate Space Technologies


After years of working in Triumvirate Space Technologies, which was a subsidiary of the Triumvirate Coalition, it came to an end and merged with the other areas within the Triumvirate Coalition and everyone within TST went into other fields and different areas. In the old days under observation by Udo Varoo Auzar did tasks such as hauling resources to shipyards with freighters to build new ships for the Triumvirate Coalition. He also built new ships and transferred workers to job sites. He helped others finish their tasks if need be and also provided assistance to those with questions. Auzar also looked through security if ever it became important in the Triumvirate on his own time. He was also the very first to be put into research and development for his amazing R&D skills within the Triumvirate Coalition.


Auzar is into many things like astronomy, art, nature, science, history, politics, different cultures, ancient civilizations, dimensions, densities, plains, and frequencies, which he believes all resemble and are the same thing and heavy amounts of Philosophy. The Jedi Order fascinates him on many levels but hes always failed every force sensitivity test. But it hasn't gotten him down at all.

He lives on a vegetarian diet, he detests alcohol and a heavy environmentalist. Throughout the galaxy he studies different cultures and societies. Nature and animals on every planet he can look at. He is a scholar of sorts and loves to gain knowledge and information on many topics and subjects.

One of his biggest hopes is for a peaceful universe, understanding and cooperation between all sentient life across every star system.

Searching the Stars

On Year 14 Day 333, Auzar found the system of Thanos home to the Togorians. He was the very first outsider to step on their home world and greet them to the galactic web of civilizations in the galaxy. The Triumvirate Coalition soon after established communications to the Togorians and shortly after the planet of Togoria and its system joined in with the Triumvirate Coalition. The Togorians are located within Triumvirate space and their system is now protected and under the protection of the Triumvirate Coalition and are a protected race within the Triumvirate. Many Togorians now work within the Triumvirate which has been a big step in expanding their reach across the galaxy.


He travels with a flock of droids listening to his every command or gesture. Though unlike others he treats his droids with compassion and respect treating them like living beings. His droids have become fond of him and treat him with the utmost respect. This respect for machines came early in Auzar's life. He found a connection with machines on his planet of Muunilinst when very young. One of his dreams is now to be in Research and Development in the Triumvirate Coalition in its Space Technologies branch making droids and researching new technologies. "Droids are the future and our friends, if they aren't programmed by the Empire that is."~Auzar Thornian~

Omega Axl group.png Institute of Omega Axl

Auzar is part of the institute of Omega Axl. Home to gambling and racing, pazaak tournaments and pod racing. Though Auzar does not believe in monetary systems he loves Pazaak, especially when both parties are not betting anything. Just the game is enough to get his spirits up.

He sets up Pazaak tournaments in his spare time and other activities for other members of Omega Axl.

Omega Axl was founded by Jay Sky, Tandis Valeek, Rka Vlad, Jim Hart, Oscar Matong, and Mort Seyan. With Auzar being the last.