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The Avance News Network was a government funded internal news agency serving the people of the Avance Coalition. It was founded in Year 12 to better disseminate vital information to the citizenry and provide a standard for journalism in the Coalition. It served until the Coalition merge with the Trade Federation in Year 16, seeing four Editor-in-Chiefs in its four year tenure.


As the board searched for a replacement Editor-in-Chief their attention turned to Paul Luz, a new reporter whose project "Inside Avance" which spotlighted the colorful lives of everyday laborers had quickly become a favorite with the readers and viewers. Luz had recently been promoted to Director of Golan Technologies, and was found to be the most able candidate. Under Luz's guidance the paper shifted from a funnel of political and defense information to a critical view of topics which more immediately impacted the citizens' lives. This included dangerous space debris, the cultural diversity of Avance, education, as well as the galactic recession, discussion of the ethics of military droids, and coverage of the conflict on Jandur.

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