Avelyn ca Vella

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Avelyn ca Vella
Biographical Information
Alias Exotic Wench
Race Zeltron
Homeworld Zeltros
Partner Olivia Collins
Age 27 Galactic Standard Years
Born Year -7
Languages Fluent:

Galactic Basic
High Galactic
Jawa Trade Talk

Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 165cm / 5'5"
Weight 55kg / 121lb
Coloring Pink
Hair Color Light Blue
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Fairwind Exotics
Title Guildmistress
Signature Acavellasig.png

Avelyn ca Vella is a Zeltron from Zeltros and the current Guildmistress of Fairwind Exotics, a neutral trading company owned by Artemis de Chatillon. Previously, she was a bartender and waitress at the Queen's Quarry casino in the city of Lorien on Ord Cantrell.


There isn't much information on Avelyn ca Vella except that she was born on Zeltros itself right in the middle of five children. Her parents were no one notable -- a simple bar wench and a casino manager. She popped up on employment records at the age of sixteen, waitressing at one of the many restaurants on what offworlders describe as the party planet. Sometime later, the young Zeltron left her homeworld and worked amongst the stars on passenger liners before settling in as a bartender and waitress at the Queen's Quarry casino on Ord Cantrell. Security records indicate an altercation at the casino, leaving the manager and several of his personal security dead, with the system governor, Artemis de Chatillon, finding proof of embezzlement and extortion, along with mistreatment of employees. Shortly after the incident, Avelyn joined Fairwind Exotics as an Intern and served as a consultant for Fairwind Exotics Auctions. In a very short time, she impressed her employer with her trading prowess and knack for finding deals to the extent that de Chatillon saw no other option but to promote her to Guildmistress. Once she took over, profits immediately started to rise exponentially.


At 165cm, Avelyn is of average height for her gender and species. Her skin is a strong shade of pink with wild, natural blue hair that is often left to its own devices. Thanks to her Zeltron genetics and an incredible metabolism, she sports an athletic figure that never seems to fade. She has no discernible scars or tattoos, with the only visible piercings the few she has in her ears.