Ayisha Nahsi

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Ayisha Nahsi
Biographical Information
Race Cathar
Homeworld Cathar
Mother Ahnisa Nahsi
Father Kharjo Nahsi
Born Year -9 Day 101
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.7 Meters
Coloring Brownish-Grey
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Tion Hegemony
"If you have nothing to die for, then you have no reason to live."
— Ayisha Nahsi

Kitten Years

Ayisha was born to Ahnisa and Kharjo Nahsi on the planet of Cathar. Ayisha was born in a litter of seven kittens, but she was the only one to survive past the first month. Her parents referred to her as Blessed One due to her overcoming the odds of death. During her limited time on Cathar, it was a bit of a struggle for Ayisha. All of the other families and kittens were born in litters of kittens, whilst Ayisha was the only child. She quickly overcame this however, and went on to make friends of her own species.

Her parents where major pinnacles of society in their native home-tree. Ahnisa was a doctor, usually sought after for her expertise in poisonous bites, most notably of the Kiltiks. Her father, Kharjo, was a respected warrior and scout renown for his knowledge of the land, fauna, and bestiary. With such strong parents in the home-tree, this afforded Ayisha opportunities a Cathar from a normal family would not. Such as learning from the Elders.