Aylia Trenika

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Aylia Trenika
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Biographical Information
Race Twi'lek
Homeworld Ryloth
Mother N/A
Father N/A
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children Classified
Born Year -13 Day 134
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.60 meters
Coloring None
Hair Color None
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Black Bha`lir

Trenika Family

Rank Tribunal - Exact standing unknown
Positions Archduchess
Prior Affiliation Dorinian Military Corps Akheton Conglomerate


The ever calculating business ideology that Aylia lives by is very reminiscent to that of a Nemodian. Aylia is also known for her coyness, brutal business tactics, and taste for wines from Naboo. Generous with her wealth she gives gifts to her staff members within Akheton Medical and is known to be a staunch supporter of explorers taking their first steps in the galaxy.

Shortly after Aylia was kidnapped, she took to seclusion, a dark hate growing within her. Since that time few beings apart from the Board within Akheton, & the Trenika Family's Council have had physical contact with the Twi'lek. Rumor's suggest she has taken to focusing on spreading the influence of Trenika Industries & it's holding company.

Early History

Born on Ryloth to a large family Aylia lived in the farm regions. Growing up poor Aylia saw the harshness of the Galaxy; she quickly began to help her family try to make more credits like her brothers and sisters. As her older brother grew near an age capable of leaving he joined the Hutt's and began sending credits home to her family....For years her brother continued this, and Aylia was given enough credits to leave Ryloth . Taking an opportunistic chance she traveled to a Trade Federation recruitment center in the nearby city. She quickly bought a ship and traveled to Federation space after Enlisting.

Trade Federation

For three months Aylia toiled in the Obra-Skai system, filling cities with thousands of tons of raw materials and bringing countless numbers of beings to their work on the planets within the system. The once dormant factories within the system were brought back to life by Aylia and her new found allies. After the three months of work and tedious labor Aylia was offered a post within Akheton; she promptly took the offer and marched the last legion of droids she would ever command to their duties.

Akheton Conglomerate

Weeks or careful planning, led to the birth of Akheton Medical Services under Aylia's command. Shortly after a looting incited by her former second in command she stepped down and agreed to work under Velus Radui as second in command until a time came when she is willing to re-surface from her seclusion.

Of Irons & Chains

The dim lighting aboard the Re`teta could not hide the blood trail leading to the ships Brig; as Gamorean soldiers would snap to a form of attention as Aylia lead her two guards down the hall as they dragged the whimpering bloodied body of Galen Herocon to the brig. Upon entering the chilled brig Aylia could see her breath leave her lips and the sounds of tortured souls slowly rolled down the hall, she pursed her lips smiling knowing the ending fates for all the beings in the ship. She turned to the Gamoreans dragging the bloody body. "Bind him to the wall in cell Bravo-3."

Past & Current Vessels

  • YT-510 the "Arak'tu`ral".

Th JD YT 2.png

  • Pursuer Enforcement Ship the "Elizabeth's Folly" - Given to Noha Trenika


  • BFF-1 the "The Archduchess"


  • YV-666 the "Atre`kaltar"


Career Past & Current

  • Senior Recruit - Dorinian Military Corps - Past
Senior Recruit
Year 12 Day 342 - Year 13 Day 80
Preceeded By:
Chief Medical Officer
Year 13 Day 81 - Day 121
Succeeded By:
Velus Radui
Preceeded By:
Year 13 Day 237 - Current
Succeeded By: