Azala Naranek

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Azala Naranek
Azala Naranek Portrait.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Twi'lek
Homeworld Gand
Father Kosh Naranek (adopted father)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Prior Affiliation Aurora Biomedical Technology

Doctor Azala Naranek is a female Twi'lek and the adopted daughter of Kosh Naranek, a former Dark Prince of Black Sun.


Azala Naranek was born on the toxic planet of Gand. When this Twi'lek was young, she was adopted by Kosh Naranek, a Falleen spacecraft industrialist who provided her with the funds needed to survive comfortably in her unnatural surroundings. Because Gand is a sanctuary world where religious institutions are far more revered than those of educational persuasions, Azala grew up with an education in godliness and a self learning in medicine and a few various sciences that interested her. As she aged into a working aged young adult she worked various technical jobs from droid repair, ship and vehicle machinery, to building maintenance, until finally she became her own boss when she gained sponsorship from investors who saw brilliance in her ideas. With extra spending power she transformed her apartment into a capable clinic and laboratory.

For a year or two Azala enjoyed treating the bug eyed citizens of Gand and creating cures for what ailed them, but one faithful day her father contacted this pious scientist and invited her to come work for the company based in Xappyh, with the promise of leading a future medical company he had planned. The prospect of visiting the stars and running a medicinal empire with far greater impact than her small operation she was running excited the young Doctor Naranek and she would soon find herself walking about the surface of Ambria, the home planet of her father's great empire of ships.

The ambitious Twi'lek was happy to help out with day to day duties, but after a while, which felt to her like forever, the medical company she wanted and came so far to be a part of just didn't seem like it was going to come to fruition during her lifetime. This filled her with a sense of missed opportunity, a lack of purpose, and painful boredom. These feelings of lack of fulfillment were for better or worse suckled by a new found sense of adventurism that drove her to do bold and brave things and much to the dismay of her father.

After adorning an eye patch, taking hostage of an employee, and crash-landing the capital ship he was flying at the time into a clearing by her home, Kosh invited Azala to travel with him aboard his luxurious ship. Azala accepted, it would be the first time that she would be able to meet with her father and enjoy his company and wisdom. Unfortunately, this flight was to be more a punishment for her mischief than family bonding as he had intentionally planned to take her around on errands to keep her out of trouble. It drove her nuts, so while peering out at the stars she decided that instead of taking advantage of employees she would go on a real adventure, but first she had to escape her current prison.

Being a skilled scientist allowed her to reroute the ship's navigation information to her holocomp located in her office. With knowledge of the ship's ultimate destination she could arrange for someone to intercept it and get her off of it. Querying many individuals who had shown interest in her for her name, intelligence, and other attributes this mischievous Twi'lek soon had ships from all over the galaxy in stealthy pursuit of her father's ship. The one that would be in the right place at the right time would be the mighty KMS Harbinger, a Carrack cruiser piloted by Tapar Craken. He stormed aboard with his able troops and carried Azala off as a prisoner, a slave.

For what may have been a month or more Azala served Tapar, she thought it would be fun, but he was all business and no pleasure so beyond his duties in the Krath he had very little time to demand much of her. Therefore stuck in another situation where she had nothing to do but sit on a ship, she plotted escape.

A golden opportunity came for her to make her getaway. Putting herself to work as the ship's greeter she watched for new arrivals aboard the Krath ship, especially those that may be persuadable. One such being arrived, a human who was clearly not a part of the Krath, but a member of the Heirs of Ziost as she soon found out through friendly questioning. Dr. Azala Naranek was able to successfully ask for this individual to let her borrow his ship while he was conducting business with her master. With as much subtlety as possible the escapee undocked the ship and made a tactical decision to ditch the ship in a cave on a nearby jungle filled planet, to throw off any pursuers and prevent the trouble of the ship locking up due to possible security countermeasures that may have occurred once the owner of the vessel found out Azala was not planning on returning the ship.

The Twi'lek from Gand had sought adventure and now she had it, she was in a strange land fighting the elements, possibly being pursued, and had absolutely no idea what to do next. Even if she could call home, Krath territory was too far away for anyone from Aurora to come out for a simple pick-up run. However Eidola was right next door and Azala always thought being a pirate would be fun.

After a few days of crawling through the jungle and escaping the dangers of flesh eating plants and like minded wildlife she found a city which was thankfully equipped with holonet terminals capable of long range communications. Azala got in contact with an Eidolan that had been chasing her father's ship and they soon had arranged a dinner date in a nearby dusty warehouse where they had decided it would be a great place to do some ryll and discuss employment. A few days flew by, during which Azala was able to clean up and burn off a few jungle parasites, and he, Sithe Vapshe, arrived on time for their date.

It was a good date to start with, the two of them sat in the dusty warehouse that was built illegally by the Eidolans before the rest of the city was constructed, but it was soon interrupted rather rudely. BAM, the doors swung open and Krath who somehow were tipped off about the event came in through all sides. In the confusion Sithe managed to escape by jumping out a window, but Azala was captured and sent home in cuffs with one of her father's men who had come all the way to the home of the Krath to retrieve her.

When Dr. Azala arrived home. Aurora Biomedical Technology was just starting and she was appointed second-in-command (2IC). This self taught Twi'lek was in love with her newly created job and sought to improve health care for a galaxy as a whole. Though not overly popular, she managed to sell health insurance plans to many people, promising to keep them safe and healthy.

Unfortunately this medical company that she enjoyed so much was decided as something which was unnecessary and could outsourced for much cheaper, thus it was shut down. The one reason Azala had left the place of her childhood was gone so she had no purpose. Faced with this she left Ambria and returned to Gand, there she decided to live religiously while she pondered a new purpose for her life in which she could use her talents for the good of society once again.

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