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Aziz Sinan is a clone of Avance Coalition pilot Rashid Sinan. Aziz currently serves as a fighter pilot for the Duros nationalist militia the Viridux.

Origins and Early Life

During the last years of the Avance Coalition, Con Semper -famed privateer, scientist, and Sith Lord- initiated a program to produce small batches of clones from the genetic material of several of Avance's finest citizens. This included some of the Coalition's leaders and her finest pilots, diplomats, and warriors. One of the donors was Rashid Sinan a Duros pilot who made a name for himself as a combat fighter pilot after a short career hauling freight. Aziz was part of the second batch, a perfected version of the doomed first batch of clones, which did not survive incubation or succumbed to "clone sickness" shortly after maturation. While Rashid disappeared shortly after the cloning process, Aziz began a quiet career. His first job was as a logistics pilot for Golan Technologies under Paul Luz. The job was too slow-paced and predictable for the adventure-loving pilot, however, and he chose not to renew his contract with the weapons manufacturer and struck out on his own.

Aziz used saved wages to purchase and restore a Nubian N-1 Starfighter, which he used to join several small security firms escorting private freighters across the galaxy and into the Outer Rim. During this time Aziz honed his skills as a pilot and mechanic. He often had to repair and maintain his ship with little tools or supplies designed for his model. This fed his enthusiasm for restoring and modifying older ship models. Most of his work kept him in the Outer Rim, defending trade convoys from pirates, or occasionally helping pirates capture trade convoys. His joy was fixing, improving, and flying his ship- the faster, the better.Eventually Aziz saved enough wages to purchase an old Aurek Tactical Strikefighter. He not only restored it to perfect working order, but improved its systems with as much modern technology as he could retrofit into the ship. He named it "The Hologram", after its shimmering paintjob which ade it hard to focus on in space at high speeds. At its controls he began to join the local racing circuits and shift from pilot-of-fortune to professional racer.

The Viridux

It was at a race where Cally McKnight found him. He had just finished fourth in a race in Hutt Space. McKnight and Lorhan Urra found him refueling afterwards and began to tell him about their recent visit to Duro, about the failed rebellion of the Duros Liberation Front, and about their plans for the future- which included keeping up the fight for freedom. Aziz was suspicious at first, not knowing Cally McKnight very well at all, and not having heard from Lorhan (himself a clone from the same program) in a long while. He listened, hearing the pain ofhis fellow Duros and knew it was something he could not feel - he himself was a clone, never having lived on Duro or experienced the hardships of being an alien under Imperial rule. Cally and Lorhan explained that they were putting together a small fleet to recruit for the cause and frustrate Imperial expansion as they could. They were recruiting pilots for a starfighter detachment, but they needed an experienced and credible squad leader. Aziz accepted the offer, with the one condition being he be allowed to fly the Hologram.

Aziz spent the next few months in an Outer Rim shipyard helping other members of the Viridux repair and restore their flagship. Using his winnings and a line of credit he also joined Lorhan in purchasing a squad of Toscan 8-Q fighters and scoured the region for Duros who wanted to help make a difference. Aziz Sinan now lives aboard the Viridux commanding two squadrons of starfighters.