Bane Fullbuster

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Bane Fullbuster
Bane Guild 1.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Born Year -8 Day Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.83 meters (6'5")
Weight 260 lbs./118 kg
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation The Guild Bank
Rank Prefect
Prior Affiliation None

At first glance, Bane Fullbuster seems like an arrogant, self-centered, self-conscious and egotistical prick. And that first glance would be correct. Although Bane is extremely loyal to wherever his allegiances indicate, it doesn't mean he can't be a real pain in the butt. With an attitude that could anger the most reserved Jedi, Bane can make people hate him quicker then he can make them love him, but that's never bothered him. Despite all of this, Bane is an extremely happy and fun-loving guy that has big hopes for his future in the Galaxy.

History on Tatooine

Not much is known about Bane's early life, other then the fact that he grew up on Tatooine as the son of a Moisture Farmer. During Bane's teen years, his parents were killed after being caught in the crossfire of a battle between The Galactic Empire and The New Republic. Bane managed to flee the battle and only recieved a few bruises from the encounter. Although he wanted to be able to leave the planet, Bane didn't have the means or currency to do so, so he stayed where he was and took up his late father's work on the farm. After a year and a half of working, Bane had a fateful encounter during a bar fight at the Mos Eisley Cantina, where he was attacked by three angry smugglers after beating them in a game of Sabacc, he managed to take down the smugglers with ease using only his own two hands. This caught the eye of a shifty "Business Man". Later that night, the man contacted Bane and made him an offer he couldn't refuse, it involved him finally being able to leave the planet and make thousands, if not millions of credits. His way out was an illegal sport that went by the name of "Cage Fighting." He gave Bane an ultimatum, The Easy way out to ignore the man and continue his boring existence on Tatooine as a Moisture Farmer, and maybe finally be able to have enough credits to get off the planet, or The Hard Way Out by fighting his way to freedom and riches. Bane packed his things and sold off everything else that he couldn't take with him, he set out for his new future..

The Hard Way Out

Bane never found out what the Business Man's name was in the end, as everyone else in the business had to refer to him as "The Ghost" On the way towards their first destination, The Ghost taught Bane the rules of Cage Fighting. It was simple, two competitors would face off in a square shaped cage made out of Durasteel. There was always a small private crowd of billionaires that observed the fights and made bets on them. The only way to win a fight was to beat the opponent until they could no longer compete, or to force them to submit. Bane had his first fight the very next day, he was fighting against a rather skinny and unaesthetic looking Kuati. The fight only lasted roughly 30 seconds before Bane destroyed the Kuati with just his fists, to the surprise of most of the people watching.