Banvhar Combine

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Banvhar Combine
Bc logo1.png
General Information
Status Dissolved, absorbed by Jedi Order
Leader Russ Leman
2IC Joe Falco
Owner Jedi Order
Historical Information
Founded Y14 D186
Political Information
Affiliation Jedi Order
Industry Mining company
Holosite [1]

Before the Clone Wars for several hundred years, the Banvhar Combine was based on Utapau. It was a peaceful and very prosperous planet-wide operation that employed a great many sentients. Then came along an evil separatist general. He took over the planet, and used the miners for target practice. The leaders of the Banvhar Combine sent out a call for help to the Republic, and the Jedi answered the call. A pair of Jedi were dispatched to find and deal with this evil general. They helped smuggle as many miners and their equipment off-world as they could, then confronted the evil general. In the battle, one of them was slain, and the other barely made it out alive. For several decades, the BC remained quiet and hidden on a Jedi protected world. And now they come out - stronger than ever with the leadership of the Jedi to assist them. They work out of Lol II prospecting and exploiting Jedi-controlled worlds for the galaxy to benefit from.