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Biographical Information
Race Sullustan[1]
Homeworld Sullust
Died Year 10 Day 260
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Endeavor Corporation
Prior Affiliation Trans-Galactic Transportation

Bawkneira was a male Sullustan.[1] First appearing in galactic records circa Year 3, he was an interstellar merchant who accumulated a considerable fortune as a trader. In Year 5, he was the target of a trade scam by Bren Morgarr. Morgarr was forced under threat of death by Warlord Vodo Bonias to act as a corrupt middleman during an exchange with Bawkneira. The negative publicity caused by the scam permanently tarnished Morgarr's reputation. Years later, Bawkneira was murdered on Year 10 Day 260 by the Eidola Pirates. The location of his remains are unknown.


Early Travels

As a young adventurer, Bawkneira hauled freight for the vile Sullustan conglomerate known as the SoroSuub Corporation, but he defected to the Rebellion when he saw his own employers willingly align themselves with the bigoted Galactic Empire. After helping the Rebellion win several crucial victories, Bawkneira continued to serve as a pilot in the New Republic forces for several years. He flew sorties against the Nagai and undertook a low-profile mission to the planet Vandelhelm. Bawkneira volunteered for the job and ended up saving passengers from certain death.

Bawkneira later found success of a different type as the new administrator of a mining facility. Bawkneira replaced a slave driver and turned the mining operation into a profitable, legitimate business in a remarkably short time. His experience running freight early in his career along with the tactical knowledge he gained in his time as a pilot served him well. Only a personal plea convinced Bawkneira to temporarily leave the mine once again for a return trip to Vandelhelm.

Theft Controversy

During Year 5, Bawkneira reportedly stole an Imperial space station in the Kuat Sector. Hovstad Stockmann, a Gamorrean stormtrooper, was tasked by the Imperial High Command to retrieve the station. Bawkneira agreed to sell the space station to Stockmann and Bren Morgarr — at that time, a young Imperial officer — was chosen to act as the middleman for the transaction.

However, upon the change in leadership of the Galactic Empire, Emperor Vodo Bonias instructed Morgarr and Stockmann to steal the station via a rigged transaction scheme. After Bawkneira failed "to send first," Bonias ordered Morgarr to act as a corrupt middleman under threat of death. Together, Stockmann and Morgarr orchestrated a corrupt transaction and thus stole the space station. As a result, Morgarr suffered considerable loss to his reputation as an honest trader.

Death by Pirates

In Year 10, Bruce Spear Jr., an Eidola pirate, stole a Bulk Freighter owned by Bawkneira. Angered, Bawkneira placed a bounty on Spear. In the hopes of capturing Spear, Bawkneira contacted Teniel Djo, the queen of the Eidola Pirates, and arranged a deal in which Djo would betray Spear. Bawkneira boarded Teniel's space station to await Spear's death and purchase the pirate's ill-gotten gains. Shortly thereafter, Bawkneira was killed on the station, presumably by Djo or Spear.

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