Kir Jax

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Kir Jax
Biographical Information
Race Dwarf Wookiee
Homeworld Ker-Meh II\Illodia III B
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Born Long time ago
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.1 meters
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Prior Affiliation

Known Names

Birth Name: Bear

Name after Hrrtayyk ceremony: Kalwarr

Tusken Name: Hairy White Moon

Name know by Now: Kir Jax

Appearance \ Equipment

A rare Dwarf albino Wookiee or White Hair Wookiee with Red eyes. Can be seen wearing a Tunic made from Kashyyyk Bantha hide, A modified Imperial Fighter Pilot Flight Suit, Custom made Battle Armor or just in his Fur.

Does Carry with him a Backpack (with a Medikit, Ammo and some small items just to keep), his staff made from a wroshyr trees branch, his trusted Whip and 2 Relby K-23.

Following close behind are his Ewok Medic, Ewok Cleric, Alderaanian Knife Woman, Weequay Gunman and Duros Gunman all ready to serve and protect Kir.


Illodia Doger - A YT 2000

Spacequest - Simiyiar Light Freighter

The Gron - BFF-1 Bulk Freighter


Early Years

Born on a moon Ker-Meh II. Kir was raised in Traditional Wookiee Culture. Born into the Ker Clan and with his father the Chief of the Clan and a former High Ranking Dead Guard. As a young Wookiee he liked to play around with ships and instead of following other Wookiee’s and learning how fight he just want to fly, but he did find time to learn Wrruushi. At the age of 12 he undertook the hrrtayyk ceremony and took the name Kalwarr, which means white scout. But at this time other Wookiees were starting to grow taller that him and it was found out that he was not only a rare albino or white Wookiee he was a dwarf, which meant he may not grow to be any bigger that an Ewok. But this came in handy for Kir as a small white Wookiee could get into little hiding places when hunting and fit in to place that other Wookiees could not. Kir had a good life until Slavers raided his home.

Life as a Slave

When Slavers raided his colony and took him and made him a slave. Kir was mistaken for an Ewok. In a way it was a good thing as the slave ewoks were allowd to roam free around the slaving compound, in and out of the buildings and ships. But being mistaken for an Ewok made him an outcast to the rest of the Wookiee slaves.

During his slave years he was shown how to fly and fix ships and as the Slaver thought he was only an ewok he picked up new skills fast. He became good friends with the Ewoks and became part of the Tribe. So as the were planing to escape he made his mind up to help them to do so. See that he was helping them the Ewoks taught him about Ewok culture. Then one day he raised up with the rest of his friends and killed the slavers. He let the Ewoks take the slavers' ship, which left him behind in the desert where the compound was.

Lost Years\Tusken Years

With nowhere to go, Kir wandered the desert and was again captured, but this time it was by Tusken Raiders. They shaved him and made him part of their tribe. Kir's years among the Tuskens were harder than his slave years, but he was shown how to live in the heat and how to fight. He came into the tribe as "a hairy Moon" but left the tribe known as "the hairy Tusken," the name given to him by the chieftain of his tribe.

When his Tusken tribe was captured and killed he had one choice: find a spaceport. With Tradition Tusken Wears he found a star port and with the gems and crystals he got from the Tuskens he bought a ship and left Tatooine to find his Ewok friends and a better place in the universe.

NAO Years

Found by Dunkler Klerus, who was forming the NAO. Due the skills Kir showed in flying Dunkler asked him to form the Royal NAO Navy. This was a good time. Dunkler left the NAO for a bright future. This gave Kir a chance to show what he good do. After a few broken down leaders Kir became leader of the NAO.

This lasted for a short time and Kir had to step down as Baron of the NAO due to Wookiee business in another part of the verse. He left the NAO in good hands he thought with Barons Vyk Drago and Arca Fenris. This did not sit well with Yarbles and on Year Day 70 Yarbles exploited his privileges as the Minister of Defense and appointed himself as Commander-in-Chief of the Anzatan Army. One of his first abuse of power was that any or all former leaders of the once great New Anzat Order were to be force to leave the New Anzat Order. As Yarbles had never liked wookiees, tried to assassinate former Chieftain Baron Bear, but missed. Bear had long and proud history with the New Anzat Order and was recruited personally by Dunkler Klerus to found the Royal Anzat navy. Kir was told if he tried to return to the NAO while Yarbles was still around, Kir would have been skined alive and used as a throw rug for Yarbles shuttle, this was due to the support that Kir showed for founder Dunkler Klerus.

Wandering Years

Kir wandered the galaxy do odd jobs for organizations such as Scouting, Transporting and building Ships and Cities. He also found his long lost Ewok friends. Who now travel with him.

Return to the NAO

Wandering around the galaxy he was found by Wilhelm von Ismay and Owen von Ismay who offer him to return to the NAO and become the Minister of Culture. Kir accepted but was always treated like an outsider due to him being a Wookiee. So once again Kir sort freedom and thanks Owen von Ismay for the postion, the help and the chance to serve the NAO once again but it was time to leave and be free again.

CRC Years

Jager Bane and Isoldor Storm found him and offered him CRC to lead and also made a member of The Quorom of 12 and Minister of Obra-Skai, this was only due to CRC being part owned by The 12 Colonies. This was good and it gave Kir a home and a place to work. This was until Isoldor death. The 12 Colonies who part owned CRC with Jager Bane saw the Kir did a good job and rewarded him by giving him ownership of CRC. This lasted for a months until personnel started to leave due to being offered more leadership roles in other organizations. And a long came a group of people who wish to buy CRC to turn it into what is now called ARES.

Ker-Meh II \ Illodia III B

With the sale of CRC, Kir place 4 cities on Ker-Meh II \ Illodia III B. He built them up to a wonderful safe haven for all races but more for Wookiees. As this was the Moon he was born on.

With everything from a Asylum and a Hospital to a Training Academy and a Prison. It was a place for all to live and play in peace. And for the moons safety it had 2 KDY v-150 Planet Defenders and a Shield Generator, just to protect the people and animals that lived on it. But with his past as a Slaver all ways haunting him and people wanting his moon hard and dark times fell on to Kir Jax. He not only had to work to make money to live and look after the cities he built up, he had to hide and not venture out to parts of the galaxy he once loved.

With many people and groups always wanting to take or buy the moon, Kir had to think about how to protect the moon that he loved so much, so he decided to sell the Moon to the controlling group of the system, Ayervon Recycling Enterprises. But there was one more thing he want besides money a little place in the same system to build a few cities to live and earn income from. With Ayervon Recycling Enterprises agreeing to this the deal was done. The place that was once his home and birth place had now became the owned by someone outside of his Clan. This was not a dark day for Kir or his Clan, as Hardoloaf Zen and the leaders of said they would look after land and cities left on the moon and honor Kir wish's for the the moon to still be a safe haven for the Clan.

The Rebuilt Home