Benares Kurogane

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Benares Kurogane
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffix
Clan Kurogane
Mother Scarlet Kurogane [deceased]
Father Vega Katsuragi [stranded/presume dead]
Spouse N/A
Siblings N/A
Children N/A
Born Year -11 Day 336
Died Year 16 Day 326
Languages Galactic Standard & Bocce
Religion N/A
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.85m
Coloring White
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation N/A
Title N/A
Rank N/A
Positions N/A
Prior Affiliation Triumvirate Coalition

Early Life

Happy Family?

Benares was born into a what seemed like a loving family living with his mother and father in a small home in a small village on Kiffex. Growing up was peaceful and he rarely saw anyone come to their home except for his grandfather. His parents both agreed that he should learn how to defend himself as soon as possible.

Ben's Family

His training in unarmed combat began when he was four years old. Scarlet, his mother, made sure to teach her son all she knew. While they trained she made sure to hold nothing back, demanding her son to do the same if he was ever caught in a fight himself. Vega began to teach him what he knew about armed combat with a blaster, having Benares practice on moving targets and scolding him if he missed.

A year passed and on his 5th birthday Scarlet took her son to her father. On this special day Benares received the family clan Qukuuf. Vega refused to come to the celebration claiming that it was pointless and that he wasn't Kiffar. For some reason in the past few months he had been acting more aggressive than usual.

During the celebration Katsuhito began to place the Qukuuf on Benares left cheek, while Scarlet stood next to her son. Benares,could feel pain as the process began but being too proud to disappoint his family he fought back the urge to let it out. It took few hours but he managed to make it through. Scarlet decided to leave her son with Katsuhito to check on her husband. Benares woke up in the middle of the night wondering where he was and taking him a few seconds to figure it out. He began to dress and made his way back to his home.Once he reached the old familiar place he could hear fighting coming from within.

Running in to the house he could see Vega, standing over Scarlet with a blaster in one hand and what looked like a saber or a sword in the other. Benares could see his mother laying there motionless, blood spilling from her body while his father laughed as the fresh blood of his former wife slowly dripped from his body. With nothing but rage filling his actions, Benares began to attack his father for what he had done. To him the fight seemed to have lasted forever but he soon found himself on the ground when Vega use the saber to cut his son at his right eye. Benares blacked out the last thing he could see was his father raising his blaster up and the sound of the blaster bolt.

When Benares awoke he could see that he was in his grandfather's house lying in bed; it hurt to move as he tried to look around. He could only think that what had happened last night was a dream but he noticed that he could only see out of his left eye. As he reached up for his right he could feel there was something covering it. Katsuhito walked in giving Benares a cup of water as he began to explain to him what had happened the previous night and that Vega was using them to lay low for a while before heading back to his life as a pirate. He also explained to Benares that he was not blind but had been badly cut from his father's saber.

Troubled Soul

7 years passed since Scarlet's death and Vega's attempt at killing Benares. The years had been rough for him mentally as it was difficult for the young Benares to truly believe his mother was dead and that the man he knew as his father was the one who killed her and attempted to kill him. Katsuhito took it upon himself to raise Benares, continuing his training in unarmed and armed combat. He also began to send Benares to school. Every once in a while they would go out hunting, the hunting seemed to be the only thing that would truly interest Benares and seemed to calm the boy.

To say the least Benares was a troubled child he would get into fights with his instructors which was mostly due to the fact that some of them would teach about religion. Benares would scoff and make sarcastic remarks about the idea which would have him in the head principal's office. He would also start fights with random students. The fights might have ended with him looking bloody and bruised but the others who fought him would be heading straight to the hospital. Katsuhito, began to get frustrated in Benares' attitude at wanting to fight something or someone any chance he got. It was not how he or the boy's mother had tried to raise him. Katsuhito began to help Benares to try and channel his anger. It seem to be working although the anger Benares felt to his father still remained and he swore to his grandfather he would get revenge even if it killed him. Upon hearing this Katsuhito began to worry that his only grandson would not live a full life.

Three years later Benares secretly began to sneak out of Katsuhito's, home so he could go into town armed with a blaster and a pocket knife. He would search the streets for something to do which usually resulted in him getting into a fight with some local gangs or messing with the local authority, which were Imperials. One night he got into some trouble with a squad of troopers who accused him of running into them as he walked by. When Benares refused to apologise there began a struggle as they tried to cuff him. The teen managed to knock out two troopers while the others tackled him to the ground. Benares found himself in a holding cell awaiting trial for his so called crimes. He spent a few days there and was finally released when his grandfather came by to pay his bail. The troopers were more than unhappy about this as they wanted to deal with his crime in one of the imperial encampments.

Once he was back with his grandfather Benares begin to pack his bags believing that he needed to do something to stop the Imperials. Katsuhito saw his grandson packing and was upset and worried about him. Benares took the time to explain to his grandfather that he wanted to fight the imperials in anyway he could; not because of what happened but for the rights of the innocent people. He also explained that he still wanted revenge on Vega, not just for him but for his mother and for Katsuhito as well.. in doing this Benares could finally live his life as normally as he could and that in his mind his mother could finally live in peace. Katsuhito was not happy about this idea, wanting his grandson to stay and finish his schooling but knew that once Benares had his mind set on something no one could change it. Wishing each other the best of luck Benares took what credits he had and left for his journey. The only thing he brought with him to remind him of his family was an holographic image of his mother and father.

With his saved up credits Benares bought a YT-1300 naming it Witherfang and brought what little possessions he had and put them on board. He tried to make the inside feel like home to him even though he knew it truly wasn't. He realised that he had to gain some experience on his own in order to hopefully be as strong and knowledgeable as his father.

Young Adulthood

What may be lost can be found

Benares spent eight years of his life travelling the galaxy, taking on odd jobs and trying to find any leads to the location of Vega. However, every lead or rumour that he could find it would always came to a dead end. During his efforts he was able to find a few freelance jobs that paid well for his services. Benares wasn't rich but he wasn't poor either and he made sure to dress appropriately while in town to show citizens that he was looking for work and to make them feel at ease while he sought for information.

During his travels he found himself on Corellia where he was planning to try and make an effort in stopping the Empire. His first attempt was to try and stop troopers form arresting civilians that they accused of petty theft crimes,although his target may have been a small blip and may not have done anything, Benares believed in starting small and working his way up. Drawing his blaster he shot at the troopers, managing to distract them as they began to fire at him. The determined 23 year old managed to take a few of the troopers out and he was beginning to feel that his little plan might work up until reinforcements showed up. Unfortunately Benares hadn't thought up a plan B to his small but hopeful attack; not thinking ahead and the fact that the troopers would have radios for backup. Feeling that this may be the end he decided to continue his attack and to take out as many of them that he could. To Benares surprise he could hear yelling and what sounded like a frag grande going off. Before he knew it he was yanked back up to his feet by a man.

The man who saved Benares back in the city took him to his hide out where he revealed himself as Jin an ex military gone rogue. Jin was more than upset at Benares for trying to take on the squad of troopers alone, without a back up plan and putting civilian lives at stake. He continued to call it "the most stupid and reckless thing he ever seen". Benares being the hot head that he was began to argue with Jin stating that he never asked for the ex military help. The two continued to exchange words and got into a few brawls before they became more level headed to talk. Jin revealed that the reason he turned rogue was to fight the Empire as well, because while he was serving in his unit he hadn't done much in the war against them. He believed that Benares might make a good partner in this effort given that he "didn't go and get himself killed". Agreeing to join, Benares'only request was if Jin could help find his father so he could get revenge with no questions asked.

Small Renegade Group

With Benares and Jin now a team the two of them became a small renegade group fighting against imperials by any means necessary. They started out small stopping unnecessary arrests of civilians. As they began to feel more confident they decided to try a major mission, one which either or both of them may die. The decision was to start hitting the Imperials hard by attacking their encampment/prison facility.

Their first major mission was a small Imperial station where they had been arresting innocent civilians for reasons unknown. They managed to sneak in and free the few prisoners but they were then ambushed by a squad of Imperials while trying to escape. Jin decided to stay behind to let his friend leave with the free inmates but Benares being hard headed, refused. While attempting to escape the two managed to shoot the gas line which ultimately caused the prison/facility to blow up as they ran screaming out of the building. Surprisingly after this mission both Jin and Benares became good friends.

There group continued to fight and destroy Imperial facilities. By doing this they hoped to put a 'dent'in the Imperials' operation. Two years passed and their little group began to grow from people they had saved, others who were wronged by the Imperials along with young, angry teens or civilians who were just looking for a fight. Their group did not go unnoticed by the Imperials or Triumvirate Coalition for that matter; it seem that the renegade group spoiled a few of Triumvirate Coalition's plans with out knowing. During one of their operations they had a run in with a Triumvirate official who demanded that their group back down or they would be arrested. Jin and Benares refused. The Triumvirate group leader decided to settle the matter later stating that the two groups will work together. Benares agreed to this despite Jin advising against it. The two managed to complete their mission but Benares was arrested for 'interfering with Triumvirate official business.'

Transition and Some R&R

With Benares arrested this put a halt to the group, although Jin did lead them into several other missions believing that they must continue the fight. It was a year later when Triumviate came to Benares with an offer to take up a job with them in the marines and join their fight against the Imperials. He agreed to their offer, as long as Benares could pick his members and if Triumvirate could help him find Vega. He went out to find his old group telling them of the offer he was given and that they could do more against the Imperials than they could without their help. Sadly every one thought he had sold out and they all decided to quit or make there own group the only person who joined him was Jin.

While Triumvirate began the paper work for both Jin and Benares the two decided to take this opportunity to go hunting. Benares seemed quite persistent on doing this once he found out that his friend never went hunting before. It was hard for him to explain to his friend how it had some sort of calming effect.

The two spent a few weeks out in the wilds hunting while at night they slept on there own ships. It seemed that this trip was just what they needed after what they been through with losing all members in their once small renegade group. Two days before they were going to leave Benares came a cross a creature egg not sure of what creature it may be he decided to take on board his ship. He located a farm to see what would happen and was amazed when the egg began to hatch revealing a female Eye-snatcher. Benares became attached to it and decided to name her Karmesin. He took it upon himself to raise the orphan Eye-snatcher to be a close companion.


It didn't take long for Benares to officially join Triumvirate Coalition. Starting from scratch he was given control of his own platoon along with equipment and handful of selected TC citizens/marines who did not have a platoon and were anxiously waiting for some action. With a platoon name in mind and his old friend Jin, by his side only to consult with, they set off to rebuild the platoon putting everyone through extreme training in order for them to preform in the worse most unbelievable situation ever imagine. Benares found amusement in these 'training' allowing Jin the ex military member to come up with these surprise drills or even what seem like bizarre/impossible training missions, with every training the platoon went through Benares was all way's there dress up in his gear going through the same stress as everyone else. When ask by one member of his squad as to why he join them in every training they gone through Benares reply "You think I'm going to let my platoon.. no my FAMILY, go through all this training while I'm standing on the side line timing & giving feed back on your performance. Where's the fun in that?!" Ben believed that in order to clearly fix something he would need to join in on the missions and work with his platoon this way he had a close up encounter with any problems which would be reviewed in debriefing and fix before the next training.

During the months of these intense training it was need less to say that some members were more then fed up. Some members decided to leave or even request transfer to another platoon believing that there was no way they would encounter any thing they train for, Benares disagreed being the one to suspect that the unexpected would happen weather they wanted it to or not. Continuing with the training would prepare them for any outcome, it seems there training has pay off since there start the platoon is known as the 'Tactical security intervention team' & the 'back up' platoon.

Later Adulthood

Ultimate Sacrifice

Benares career progress while his vengeance for his illusive father sat on the back burner. Frustrated that none of his contacts came through with any information he begin to think that he may never find him. Getting some unclear information Jin decided to leave the platoon with out telling the others to investigate, thinking it's just another dead end. Months pass since Jin departure things continue as normal but with no communication from his long time friend Benares was becoming increasingly concern. Few weeks later a package arrive for Benares upon opening it Jin's head was found inside along with a note "Come & Get Me" furious at his friend death Ben put his second in command in charge and quickly board his YT-1300 Witherfang hoping to find the last known location Jin was seen alive.

Cutting off all communication with his platoon and changing his clothing to make him look more of street bum, Benares set out to find out what happen to his friend listening to rumors and trying to follow leads that either take him no where or go in a circle. Finely finding a lead that may be of some use Benares found himself at a bar he received news that the bartender may be working for his father, that he may be the one who told Vega about Jin and getting him killed. Following the bartender Ben jump him in the back ally and begin his intensive negotiation demanding to know where his father is, after a few minutes the bartender finely gave up what he knew to anyone else it may not seem much but it was enough for Benares to know where to officially start his search. Following what his informant told him Benares found himself at a living quarter upon entering he could clearly see that there was some kind of struggle. Spending hours searching through the clutter he manage to find datapad showing location of a planet, as he look upon it he begin to think that this must be where his father hid. Taking the datapad with him Benares begin to make his way to his ship as he did a small smile begin to form as he thought to himself that the grudge between the two of them will finely end.

It took a few days in hyperspace for him to get to his next location, Benares spent these days thinking and trying to come up with a plan on to kill his father Vega. Ever since he was a kid he wanted nothing more than vengeance to be the one to kill his father, but he found himself conflicted apart of him wanted to go through with the killing while the other part of him wanted the thirst for vengeance to stop. He had heard so many times from friends and concern members within Triumvirate Coalition that 'revenge is not the answer' he would all ways scoff and reply "You don't know what he did.. or what he try to do. He must be stop and I'LL be the one to do this." but what they have said must have sunk in if he was second guessing his plans, he couldn't go into a fight against Vega with out clearly coming up with something. Deciding to play it by ear Benares land on what look like a deserted desert planet the information from the datapat clearly showed that someone wanted to come here as to why someone wanted to be out in the middle of no where away form civilization was beyond him but what he was sure about was that it had to be someone on the run who didn't want to be found.

Benares look at his ship scanner knowing that it would give away his position but knew all to well that it will reveal anyone or any thing else that's on this pile of rock as well, spending hours on board the Witherfang continuing his scan he was about to give up hope when finely a chime let out notifying him that it found something. With all the interference from the sand storm the ship scanner came up with a faint signal of another ship hiding with in one of the caves, believing that it couldn't be a random passerby, Ben grab his weapons and begin to walk to the direction of the signal. With in a few minutes he begin to enter the cave in the distance he could see what look like an outline of a ship sitting in the back, recognizing the ship description to be that of his father. He begin to walk in a little further before he had time to think the sound of a blaster could be heard quickly rolling out of the way and drawing his blaster Benares could see his father standing there weapon drawn.

Glaring at the older man Ben begin to let out a flurry of blaster bolts while Vega did the same thing both try to dodge and avoid each other attack, greeting his teeth Benares check his right arm seeing the blaster bolt wound as it slowly bled out. Knowing that he got in a few good shots himself he couldn't be sure if Vega was wounded taking the chance Ben quickly charged in the direction of his father catching him off guard he manage to knock Vega's weapon out of his hand before he had time to react Ben quickly knock him out with the bunt of the blaster. Panting from pain and bloody from the fight with his father he pull out set of stun cuffs placing them on his knock out father once this was done he went to his father ship bypassing the security system he board the ship and begin to loot the items from on board he then took his father ship out of the cave landing it by his YT-1300. Once he begin to track back to the cave taking a few minutes seeing that his father was still knock out he begin to search Vega to make sure that he didn't have another weapon or any communication device on him.

After a few hours Vega finely woke up groaning as he did as his eyes lock on his only son, Benares stood there pointing his blaster point blank range of his father head. The two glared at each other with out saying a word Ben finely had the opportunity with in his hand taking the revenge he all ways wanted and yet he didn't pull the trigger while his father sat cuffed. Cursing to himself Ben pull out another blaster checking the power cell seeing that there was only enough for one shot, releasing his father from the cuffs Ben handed Vega the second blaster telling him that he's letting him live but he won't be able to leave the planet or even contact someone. As Benares begin to walk away he could hear his father picking up the blaster when the young man turn around he could see Vega standing there unable to hold the blaster properly, shaking his head and letting out a small laugh stating "I can't believe that your so pathetic, you can't hold the blaster properly.. Don't waist your only shot on me save it for your self.. maybe if your lucky you won't have to stay on this planet for the rest of your life." with that Ben left the cave boarding his ship on to his father former ship and begin to fly off the planet knowing that he would never see or know about Vega ever again.