Benjamin Najman

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Benjamin Najman
Biographical Information
Race Tynnan
Homeworld Giju
Mother Margaret Najman
Father William Najman
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Manufacturing, Neutral.
Positions Lord Governor of Serpine and Saarn
Prior Affiliation The eXiles, Koensayr Manufacturing, Galactic Alliance, Dynali Industrial Enterprises, New Republic, Ubrikkian Industries, Galactic Trading Corporation, Sevetta Conglomerate, LodeCorp Mining.

'Lord Benjamin Najman' is a male Tynnan from the ocean world of Giju. He hails from a wealthy family on Giju, but moved to the eXiles Academy on Rannon after his father died. He is known for being the former Vice-CEO of Koensayr Manufacturing and is the current Lord-Governor of the planets Serpine, and Saarn. Najman also owns Galactic Manufacturing.


Pirates raid a Herglic trading ship.

Early Years

Lord Benjamin Najman was born on Giju to Lord William Najman head of the House of Najman, and Lady Margaret Najman, who were both Herglic. When Benjamin was seven years old, Herglic Space was experiencing a series of raids from a group of pirates who were based near the edge of the Unknown Regions. As one of their first moves, the raiders sent a small fleet to attack a trading outpost on Whelori. While the small fleet was enroute, Benjamin's father, William, joined the navy to go defend Whelori, and was killed in action leading his fighter squadron against the raiders. Margaret, sent young Benjamin Najman away with an escort to the Rannon system. In the Rannon system Benjamin attended The eXiles Academy on the planet Rannon. While attending the academy Benjamin studied trade, metallurgy, and weapons. Benjamin was also the team captain of the Academy shockball team, where has was on the All-Rannon system team three out of four years. Benjamin later learned that he set the single season record for most goals (13) in a twelve game season. He also owns the school record for most career goals in the Rannon System (54).

Life After The Academy

Benjamin shortly joined The eXiles after he was offered a position with Koensayr Manufacturing straight from the academy. He wasn't sure this was the path that he wanted to take. One of the main factors in the decision was that The eXiles are a member of the Galactic Alliance and one day he plans to avenge the death of his father. After joining Koensayr Manufacturing, Ben rocketed through the ranks and it was long before he was promoted to Second in Command of Koensayr Manufacturing where he was in charge of the Instrop Sector.

Worlds such as Vlemeth Port flourished under Najman.

Shortly after being employed with Koensayr Manufacturing, Ben was given the Overseer position in charge of all production in the Instrop Sector. The population of the Instrop Sector at the time was 87,985,847,731. Including the following five systems: Dagu, Partold, Rannon, Venedlia, Vlemeth Port. A total of 14 Planets, 6 Moons, 2 Asteroid Fields, and over 120 stations were under the watchful eye of Benjamin. During this time, trade and production in Instrop flourished to astronomical levels. For years, the people of Instrop would recognize Benjamin as the greatest modern Overseer to date.

As the Overseer of Instrop, Najman fell victim to the Metamorphosis Plague. While on a trip to visit refugees from a neighboring system, Benjamin came into contact with a family of the newly-found species, the Tynnan. As a result, he fell ill and was in the intensive care unit on Rannon for over a month while his changes took place. Despite the doctor's best efforts, and the financial backing of the eXiles, Benjamin still underwent the full scope that the plague had to offer. He lost over two-hundred pounds, grew thick hair over his entire body, and developed a pair of menacing looking front teeth. When the month was over, he had transformed from a hulking Herglic, to a much-smaller Tynnan.

Dynali Industrial Enterprises

After serving two years with The eXiles, Lord Najman decided to resign his position as Instrop sector Overseer when Helen Hawk resigned her position as Supreme Chancellor. Najman was unhappy with the new leadership of The eXiles, and decided to leave with Skyla Pendragon to create the new government Dynali Industrial Enterprises.

After serving years with The eXiles, as 2nd in Command of Koensayr Manufacturing. Najman stepped down to join a new neutral faction. Dynali Industrial Enterprises is based out of the Dynali Sector. It is a manufacturing faction that is open to the public. Benjamin Najman serves as the Consul of DIE, and serves side by side with the other consul Skyla Pendragon. Since it's formation on Year 18, Day 147, Dynali grew under the leadership of Najman into three factions, Dynali Industrial Enterprises, Dynali Industrial Exuviations, and Dynali Industrial Excavations. Under the command of Lord Najman, Dynali started offering transporting services, and mine management to the public. He offered the growth of the Instrop sector to the people of the Dynali sector, and they have received him with open arms.

New Republic

After a year in Dynali, Najman gave control over to Skyla Pendragon. This would prove to be a grave mistake, because Pendragon drove the industrial enterprise to the ground, until she was eventually forced to dissolve the group and all of their subsidiaries. So, Najman moved on to start a new chapter of his life with the New Republic. Upon arrival to the government, Najman was able to donate the Ord Thoden system. In exchange, the New Republic gave him a high-level position in their nationalized faction, Ubrikkian Industries. While with the New Republic and Ubrikkian Industries, Najman was able to buy the I- and Estraan sectors from Gilbert Reed for just over 20 billion Galactic Standard Credits. Benjamin is the current Governor of the planets Serpine, located in the I-sector, and Saarn, located in the Esstran sector. His current role is a Senior Supervisor with Ubrikkian Industries. Year 19 Day 253. Year 19 Day 275 Najman was sworn in as a 2nd Lieutenant in the New Republic Armed Forces reserve.

Galactic Trading Corporation

After serving six months in The New Republic. Benjamin Najman resigned his position as a New Republic Armed Forces Reserve 2nd Lieutenant, and Senior Supervisor of Ubrikkian Industries. Najman opened the Galactic Trading Corporation for business on that same day Year 20 Day 52. The headquarters is on Najman's planet Saarn. Galactic Manufacturing was founded on Year 20 Day 128. Leadership was handed to Duros Andros Mott. Najman remains the owner of Galactic Manufacturing. On Year 20 Day 159 Najman decided to hand over the Galactic Trading Corporation over to Tomas O'Cuinn.

LodeCorp Mining

On Year 20 Day 159 Benjamin Najman stepped away from the Galactic Trading Corporation to join the Sevetta Conglomerate as Vice President of Mining. Najman is also the President and Chief Executive Officer of LodeCorp Mining. While at LodeCorp Najman was in charge of all mines in Woldona. On Year 20 Day 205 The Sevetta Conglomerate, decided to move on and merge with a unknown group. Najman resigned his position as President and Chief Executive Officer of LodeCorp Mining.

Najman's Rare Ships

This Sabaoth Defender is owned by Benjamin Najman.
The Arcadia (#145460) is a Namana-class Light Cruiser owned by Benjamin Najman. The original owner was Tar Alaks, circa Year 13. It was a factor in Sven Wan's heisting spree in late Year 14. After Sven retired from public life, it was passed to the Corporate Sector Authority. It was believed to be owned by Black Sun before eventually being sold to Benjamin from an unknown source.