Bigred Jackson

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Bigred Jackson
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Aubrey Jackson
Father Togan Jackson
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information

Bigred Jackson was born on the planet Corellia in the capital of Coronet. His parents are Togan and Aubrey Jackson. Known to his parents by his given name at birth as Jensen Jackson. His father served in the Corellian Security Force (better known as CorSec). His mother Aubrey also served in CorSec as a fighter pilot. Jensen was a big baby with a full head of red hair. When Jensen started school he was bigger and stronger than the other students and teachers. Soon his teachers introduced Jensen to sports and not long after they started calling him Jensen "Bigred" Jackson.

He started at the University of Coronet with a full sports scholarship. By the time he graduated people were just calling him Bigred Jackson and the name has stuck. Even though by now the red hair is turning blond, as a boy Bigred would love to go down to the spaceport and watch all the ships coming and going. He would dream of being a fighter pilot or a transport pilot and explore the galaxy. After graduating from the University of Coronet, he followed in his parents footsteps and joined CorSec. He was sent to the city of Tyrena for Flight School training at the Academy, where he performed excellently.

For the remaining time in CorSec Bigred's service file has been sealed. After four years with CorSec, Bigred left. Both his parents were not happy with the way he left CorSec. Soon after he joined his uncle Navik Jackson working at Centerpoint Station as a transport pilot, after working a year on his uncle's ship he got his chance to captain a ship. When that ship's captain failed to show up and it's cargo was going to be late. After getting the cargo to it's destination on time Bigred was made permanent Captain. It was an old YT1300 and he loved it. Bigred stayed with Centrepoint Station for six years. His piloting skills and making all his delivery’s on time earned him a very good reputation and was soon offered a job at Corellian Transport. Bigred said yes and was given a Space Master Medium Transport ship to Captain during his time with Corellian Transport Bigred's reputation continued to grow and with job bonuses for making or betting delivery times. He soon had enough money to buy a ship of his own: A new YT-2000 with upgraded Sensors, Nav System, Sublight engines and Hyper drive engine, Weapons, Deflector Shields, Ionic Capacity, and added Tractor Beams on the ship. After fifteen years Bigred left Corellian Transport and went to Blue Star Transportation. At Blue Star Transportation they gave Bigred a Brayl Class Bulk Freighter to command it was old and falling apart, something was always broken on the ship (but some how Bigred always made it to port on time}.

After a year and a half Blue Star gave Bigred a GR-75 Medium Transport, it was a great improvement over the other ship. Bigred left Blue Star Transportation after six years when InterGalactic Banking Clan came to Bigred with a very lucrative job offer. Not long after Bigred started with InterGalactic Banking Clan, some internal banking information went public and a galactic scandal started. With help from some very good friends Bigred was put in touch with Golan Technologies they offered a job to Bigred and he was happy to take the offer. After some time with Golan Technologies Bigred was put in touch with Avance Coalition Academy by his good friend Paul Luz. Bigred joined the Avance Coalition Academy knowing the time here would be different then when he was younger and at CorSec Academy.