Bik N`tal

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Bik N`tal
"Big" Bik N`tal
Biographical Information
Race Jawa
Homeworld Tatooine
Born Unknown
Died Year 21 Day 275
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height .69 meters
Political Information
Affiliation Sand Corsairs


Bik N`tal, also known as Big Bik, was born on Tatooine sometime in the past. Little is known of his time on Tatooine other than a few details of his departure. He was exiled from his clan after his unsanctioned attack on local moisture farmers resulted in casualties. To avoid persecution by local authorities, he promptly hired a Star Tours shuttle bound for Nimban. His exploits off-world have earned him admiration and ire. Many of the rumors about him are simply misinformation and conjecture.


His friends say he's quirky and quaint. His enemies call him crazy and cranky. Regardless of your opinion of Bik, he conducts himself with a certain charm that many find endearing. Bik is generally calm and collected but you risk relentless and sustained aggression should you poke fun at his height. Bik is considered extremely short, even among fellow Jawa. Insecurity about his stature played a significant role in shaping his personality and motivations as he matured.

Year 20

During the Eighth Uli-ah Gafsa Memorial Swap meet it was reported by Lahasa Fy of Shili Free Press that Bik was involved in the kidnappings of Katrina Gomez during the Krieg's run race. She was later released upon a plea from Knights of the Fountain who had sponsored the event. It was also reported in the same article that he had kidnapped Dane Star by luring the Bith onto his ship with the supposed purpose of him retrieving his builders.


'Big' Bik N`tal died suddenly after his ship suffered a major hyperdrive malfunction in the Bright Jewel system.