Bilbringi Shipyards

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Bilbringi Shipyards
Bilbringi Shipyards Emblem Year 13.png
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Jerrik Jataan
Owner Kain Elderan
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 89
Dissolved Year 15 Day 115
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Commerce Collective
Industry Ship Manufacturer
Holosite Bilbringi Shipyards

Bilbringi Shipyards is a notable shipwright firm headquartered in the Aphran system of the Bilbringi Sector.


Bilbringi Shipyards is a member corporation of the prestigious conglomerate, Galactic Commerce Collective. It's base of operations is located in the Aphran system of the Bilbringi sector, working in direct partnership with the other member corporations of the conglomerate. The Aphran system is choked with planets that are abundant in natural resources, making it a perfect location to place the vast field of shipyards and production facilities. It also lies close to known military shipping lanes, proving to be an invaluable strategic location for production and repair.

Bilibringi Shipyards is fueled mainly by assets held by it's parent company that are openly shared in the interests of mutual success, thus ensuring stability and growth for the future. The proud members of both of these corporations will work together to make sure the needs of the other are met. With the joint efforts of the raw material powerhouse and Bilbringi Shipyards, it can comfortably boast the best quality and service available in the galaxy! It's experienced and skilled engineers have the technology to create some of the biggest ships on, or off the market.

With confidence, Bilbringi Shipyards is proud to be able to make its ship and station building expertise available to the public at competitive rates. If you are interested in joining a corporation that can build anything, and has what it takes to do it right... You've found the right place! Contact the recruitment Liaison now, to help start building future you've always wanted!


Bilbringi Shipyards was founded on Year 13 Day 53 with the aspirations and cooperation of Director Jerrik Jataan and business mogul Kain Elderan. The corporation was originally grown within Elderan Extractions as it's ship production sector, contracting out to allied corporations for skilled personnel and management in order to produce ships for internal use as well as public sale. Jerrik Jataan was Director of Production for EE, and was always interested in expanding the department into a fully-fledged corporation to break into the ship-building market on a more official level. Though it was understood that priority was to build an adequate workforce for EE's needs before any major decisions or changes were to be made.

After approximately one year, Elderan Extractions became more stable with their fleet and talks resumed about the idea with the leadership on Y13 D45. It was decided that it would be feasible to open a new corporation and arrangements for the Bilbringi Shipyards began immediately. Elderan Extractions and Bilbringi Shipyards now work hand in hand to bring the best quality and service available anywhere. Bilbringi Shipyards utilizes Elderan Extraction's abundance of Shipyards, factories, and raw materials to provide the perfect storm of an ideal ship-building corporation! With EE's strong support, Bilbringi Shipyards shows no signs of slowing down and expects to grow in leaps and bounds over the next year.


  • Bilbringi Shipyards Holographic Year 13.png (Year 13)