Black Bha`lir

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Black Bha`lir
General Information
Motto aa'kua, vyvya, gra'tua, orilin
Status Dissolved
Leader Xu Xlaar Vivan
2IC Christian Hall
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 29
Political Information
Industry Mercenary
Holosite [1]



Black Bha`lir was founded by Chiss mercenary and bounty hunter Xu Xlaar Vivan and his adopted brother Kiffar Force user Christian Hall.

In Y13 Vivan lost his young son. After a period of complete withdrawal he realized that he was tired of the unethical path he was on. Y13 also saw Hall take his first apprentice, one Dunta Star, formerly of CorSec. Hall, balancing the needs of his brother with those of his apprentice, took a hard look his own ethics and methods as he accepted the responsibility to pass on what he knew of the Force to a troubled young man.

Violence was all either of the brothers knew, but Vivan wanted to utilize their skills their way, at their own behest, and retain the right to refuse enterprises that they suddenly found themselves unable to enter into fully.

They began to work toward the goal of owning their own company and hired the former leader of Outback Industries, Laz Uli, to keep them out of trouble. Star facilitated a deal with his former employer that resulted in Black Bha'lir appearing on the scene nearly a year later.

The small group formed their company on the principles of respect, honor, profit and vengeance. In true mercenary spirit, they remain neutral regarding galactic politics and their services remain available to the highest bidder as long as the requested services suit the group.

Internally, they focus on the common good rather than individual success and require their members to adhere to an unusual code of ethics while maintaining strict loyalty to Black Bha`lir.


Black Bha`lir views itself as a security group, rather than as a place for soldiers for hire to gather. Inline with that, the organization's main service to the galaxy is the installation of defense stations.

Black Bha`lir also trains persons of all species in combat. The security group prides itself on taking in the unwanted, violent beings that have been given up on by others and turning them into sharp-minded loyal soldiers. When a soldier completes all their training and is deemed ready, Black Bha`lir then either hires them on permanently, or negotiates a contract with a third party.