Black Hole Manufacturing

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Black Hole Manufacturing
General Information
Motto ""
Status Active
Leader CEO Peter Kurten
2IC Dahm Johnson
Historical Information
Founded Year 17 Day 134
Political Information
Affiliation Independant
Industry General Manufacturing

Black Hole Manufacturing began as a small group of individuals looking to make their own way in the galaxy. We started with one station to build ships out of and steadily expanded from there. The desire to work for ourselves rather than continue to take commands from others pushed us to keep going despite many challenges. At long last, it was decided that we were ready to become a faction in our own right, under the direction of Peter Kurten with the support of a Board of Investors. Black Hole Manufacturing has now grown into a well respected source for manufactured goods in the galaxy. We work hard to provide the best service we can to our customers in a discrete and professional manor. We continue to grow and prosper as we establish relationships with a wide array of other groups. This allows us more options to give our customers as many options as possible when working with us.


BHMholographicy17.jpeg (Year 17)