Black Sun (Year 13)

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Black Sun
General Information
Status Active
Leader Cait Catra
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 209
Dissolved Year 13 Day 264
Political Information
Affiliation The Veragi Consortium
Industry Mercenaries
Holosite Black Sun


Originally founded as Gand Enterprises at Kitcherton #12 until the Black Sun changed their name to The Veragi Consortium whereupon Gand Enterprises assumed the name Black Sun. It is believed the two groups are closely tied to one another even at this time.


It is a public secret that at the heart of the multi-billion credit trade organization, Black Sun, there is an empire of villainy, vice and violence based around a Family which holds itself above any law but its own: Family, Honor, Profit. Black Sun's first and foremost value is Family. Every prospective agent must prove their worth before earning their position within. Each member must swear the Oath of Golgotha to the Dark Prince and his Vigos, who make up the Family Council that governs the Black Sun syndicate. Extortion, black marketeering, gun smuggling, drug dealing, gambling, prostitution. These illegal activities are just the tip of the iceberg of this galaxy-wide criminal syndicate, who holds a controlling stake in every known illicit enterprise. With information networks that put Republic Intelligence to shame and masses of superior technology from both sides of the Civil War, it is no surprise that this organization has survived and more-than-prospered for hundreds of years. The income incalculable, the financial prowess immense, Black Sun is the pinnacle of the Galaxy's financial empires. Their name is whispered in equal parts fear and reverence across the galaxy… Black Sun. Family. Honor. Profit.[1]


Was renamed Garmen Corp on Year 13 Day 264. Dissolved shortly thereafter.