Bogin Tree

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Bogin Tree
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The Bogin Tree is a small specialized tree which is native to the mountains of Mirial. Because of its specialized nature, it is highly sought after among gardeners in hilly areas. It is also popular with nature parks as a curiosity.


The Bogin Tree is a smaller tree, reaching a mere seventeen feet in height. This height is obscured however, by the trademark bend in the tree, which is present throughout the trees growth, from the time it is mere inches from the ground. The trunk bows outward to one side. The tree then grows parallel the other way. This is adaptation is perfect for the mountains, as it allows the tree to continue growing across the mountain face, covering more ground, and making itself nearly immune to the high mountain winds of Mirial. The Bogin Tree grows in huge clumps along the mountainside, often growing so thickly that no underbrush can grow beneath them. Known to science as Taivutettu puu, the tree gets its common name from the Mirial word for the Basic word "bent": Boginn.

Gardening and Uses

The Bogin Tree is popular in larger gardens. It grows thickly and a small grove of them will provide a fantastic shady alcove in the garden. Because they bend at a low height, they are frequently turned into safe tree houses for children. Other gardeners turn them into romantic hideaways for them and their significant other. The Bogin Tree is also used by governments to cover mountainsides with the goal of helping prevent avalanches and rockslides. The wood from the Bogin Tree is particularly artful and is used regularly to create furniture and other decorative devices.