Brand Malden

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Brand Malden
Biographical Information
Race Trandoshan (birth), Barabel (1st Infection), Togorian (2nd Infection)
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Lashev
Father Shurrek
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Trilon Inc.
Positions Owner
Prior Affiliation Joruba Trading Corporation (CEO)
Corellian Engineering Corporation

Brand was originally named Savvesk. Savvesk's father Shurrek was a mediocre bounty hunter who made enough from his ventures to keep his ship running. When he was 5 his mother Lashev died and Shurrek brought Savvesk along for his bounty hunting trips aboard his PE.

Savvesk learned much about ships and freighters in general over the next year. While Shurrek and a Barabel bounty hunter named Taglawere attempting to collect a bounty on a Wookiee, his father was mortally wounded.

Tagla collected the bounty at the nearest Imperial planet which happened to be Corellia. Taglawere left Savvesk there when he went on his way. Savvesk scavenged for food and goods as best he could for the next couple of years stealing and taking what he needed to survive.

When Savvesk was 8 he was caught stealing from a local freight company, he was given 2 options. Wait for the imperials or work there until he was let go. He chose to avoid prison. The owner of the shop was a corellian named Jack Malden, and he branded Savvesk with his shop logo on his arm to discourage him from running.

The branded logo was well in sight and people nicknamed Savvesk 'Brand', and it stuck. Years later when Jack formally adopted Savvesk, Brand that was the name that was put down on the paperwork.

When Brand turned 19 he applied to the CEC as he'd always wanted to fly a C-3. He was always impatient though, and soon found that the pace of things in the empire was slow and trudging. He longed to see the galaxy and so after just a couple of months tendered his resignation and struck out on his own.

On year 13 Day 220 Brand Malden became CEO of Joruba Trading Corporation and left the life of freelancing behind.

On year 14 Day 25 Brand attacked some bandits who had hijacked a medical research facility on Trandosha. In the ensuing battle one of the bandits set off a thermal detonator in the lab. Brand was severely injured, and was contaminated with various biological agents....

After being transported to the medical trauma unit at Orion Colony XV, Brand went into a coma while his body underwent genetic changes. The doctors could only guess that he had been exposed to an experimental genetic modification that caused DNA to be overwritten. When he awoke, he awoke to a different face.. and different species.

On year 14 day 92 Brand founded Trilon Inc.

In the later part of Year 14 the Metamorphosis Plague struck him again transforming him from the Barabel he had become into a Togorian.