C-M Frag Storm Heavy Shotgun

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C-M Frag Storm Heavy Shotgun
C-M Frag Shotgun.png
Type Shotgun
Manufacturer MandalTech
Minimum Damage 15
Maximum Damage 30
Maximum Hits 2

Made popular by the Corellian Holovid series "Dirty Kevin," about a CorSec officer taking the law into his own hands, the Enforcer packs a satisfying punch. Relatively heavy, this "street-sweeper with attitude" is unwieldy for some of the smaller species in the galaxy. It also requires quite a lot of maintenance for a shotgun, and that issue, more than anything, has prevented any serious security organization from adopting it as their standard weapon.

Due to its very high close range damage potential, and its manufacturing by MandalTech; the "FragStorm" is an extremely popular weapon amongst Mandalorians.