Cado Schmidt

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Cado Schmidt
Biographical Information
Race Kubaz
Homeworld Kubindi
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born Year -11 Day 209
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.90 meters
Hair Color None
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Kaos Resource Excavations
Rank H-2
Positions Imperial Administrator
Prior Affiliation None
Awards Unknown


Employment History

  • Current Organization of Employment: Kaos Federation
  • Current Rank of Employment: Imperial Administrator (2ic of Kaos)
  • Previous Ranks:
    • Grand Vizier
    • Prime Minister
    • Minister of State
    • Commander
    • Executive Officer
    • Agent of the Ministry of State
    • Ensign
    • Private
    • Recruit


Cado Schmidt is a Kubaz of a relatively large stature. He is terribly scarred, caused by his involvement in the Hive Wars. To hide his scars and create a sort of facade, Schmidt is never seen without his goggles, cape, and hood hiding him. Currently employed by Kaos Federation, he has wasted no time climbing the ranks, clearly expressing his devotion to his work. Cado tends to be a bit of a loner, avoiding confrontations and letting his reputation speak for itself.


Cado Schmidt was born into a family with almost nothing on the Kubaz homeworld of Kubindi. About the only things that they owned were the clothes on their backs and eachother. The time in which his family was living on the planet was not an ideal location to raise a child either, as the Hive Wars had commenced proceeding Cado's birth. The lust and overall need for food was ever constant for the Schmidt family, and often, they would go without food for several days. As well as this, they were constantly on the move, not ever having a formal place to call home. Home was wherever they happened to fall asleep at night, and that rarely meant a roof over their heads.

One day, the family was offered a job to harvest one of the Kubaz insect hives nearby. This was the Kubazi's main source of food on the planet, and so hives were maintained to supply them with the food they needed. The pay for their work was horrible, but a roof over their heads and a full stomach each night was guaranteed to them. What money they did earn was saved, in hopes of one day owning a house to call home, and maybe even their own insect hive.

Things for the Schmidts were finally turning around; they didn't go to bed hungry, the stars were not visible from their place of slumber, and they were even getting paid to do the work they did. The only thing missing was the ownership of all of this, which seemed nearly unattainable to young Cado. However, anytime the trio was paid, they put it into a small hole in the floor of their home underneath one of the beds, in hopes to one day buy out the hive.

Suddenly, disaster struck. Although the Hive Wars had left the Schmidts and their employers relatively untouched, it was only a matter of time before the fighting and raids would catch up to them. While the family worked during the latter hours of the day, an innocent looking transport vehicle approached the hive. Out of complete nowhere, the back swung open and two Kubaz exited the vehicle with blaster rifles in tow. They raised their rifles, and proceeded to fire on the family and the other three workers out working the hive at the time. Cado and his parents, fearing for their lives, quickly sprinted for the hut they had come to call home. In direct pursuit were the Kubaz from the transport, who had already finished off the other three workers.

While one of the Kubaz aimed his rifle at Cado's parents, the other held him down to a chair and forced him to watch as the other slay his parents. With a grim, sinister smile, the Kubaz looked at Cado and pulled the trigger on his parents, sending their lifeless bodies crashing to the floor. All young Cado could do was stare in horror, and await his turn. But fate had a different plan for the boy, as, like a hero from the books he read and marveled at, a middle-aged human leaped through the door of the hut and quickly dispatched the two Kubaz thugs.

The man's name was Marl Miskin, a promising and loyal soldier for the Kaos Federation Defense. The paramilitary organization had dispatched a few of their troops to the planet in hopes to preserve some of the land that they owned there, one such piece was the hive that the Schmidts had been working at. Miskin was sent on patrol just as he saw the transport approach the hive, and had sprinted over when he heard blaster fire. Had Miskin arrived a few moments earlier, then Cado's parents may have lived; a few moments later, and he would have entered to see no life at all in the hut but the two murderers.

Miskin, not knowing what to do with the child, decided to bring him with him rather than force him to stay and work as if nothing had happened. He and his wife had recently had a miscarriage, and although having a Kubaz adopted son wouldn't be the same as his own flesh and blood, Miskin was a man of extreme compassion and knew it was his responsibility to take the young boy in as his own. As such, Marl brought the boy with him to the barracks that were situated about a klick or tow from the hive he harvested. It was here that he formally adopted him, asked for paternity leave for about three months to get situated, and flew off to the high cities of Coruscant, where Miskin called home.

The Miskins raised Cado as if he were their own flesh and blood. Although Marl's wife was at first resistant to the idea, the boy's story quickly compelled her to take him in even more lovingly than Marl had. Cado was surprised at the amount of compassion that the couple offered him, as he found it strange that they accepted one who looked so drastically different than them into their home. Regardless, he was eternally grateful and gave as much love to them as they did to him, although he longed to be with his parents again for even the slightest of moments.

Although they weren’t the richest of folk, the Miskins lived a fairly comfortable life and were always happy to get Cado what he desired. Only, Cado, not having been raised in such a lifestyle, never really asked for much. He was content with the bare minimum, just as he had always been.

One of the things that made him most joyous was food, and lots of it. Food was one thing that had been most necessary during his short life, and it was one of the things he loved immensely. To be able to eat whenever and however much now simply amazed him. But he was always careful to ration it, however unnecessary, just like he had as a smaller boy on Kubindi. This perplexed the Miskins to some degree, but Marl understood what his intentions were and let him be.

The one thing that Marl had always been sure to instill in Cado was his wondrous missions with the KFD. Cado would enjoy his father’s tales of grandeur when he was able to come home when on leave, and swore to one day become a member of the Kaos Federation. He aspired to become the best that he could be for the KF, as he felt he owed a sort of debt to both his new father and the organization itself for allowing him to still live.

So Cado, with his grand aspirations to follow in his father’s footsteps, kept mostly to himself, and enthralled himself with his studies. He was extremely studious, hoping to one day be accepted into service by the KGF and serve like his father did. Before long, it became clear to the Miskins that his dreams were set, and there was no deterring his path to excellence.

Cado maintained exceptional grades throughout his educational career, and was selected by several other governmental agencies to start work at their facilities instantly. All of these requests for his work were all turned away, except for one: the Kaos Federation. As soon as he received a holomessage from one of the higher-ups of the organization, he immediately got every bit of paperwork and otherwise he needed to start working there and set off for their planetary headquarters.

The Miskins were immensely proud of their son, and Marl even contemplated staying in service a bit longer so that he could work side-by-side with his son. Cado insisted that he didn’t however, as the signs of his age and weakness were becoming evident. Marl reluctantly agreed, and filed for retirement shortly after.

Cado wasted no time climbing the ladder at his new career. In the short time of his employment, he was given promotion after promotion for his excellent work. He wrote to his family every day, and thought of his old life constantly, wondering always what could have, and what should have, been. However, he was eternally grateful still to his loving parents who had adopted him when he had nothing.

Cado died sometime prior to year 14.