Caduceus Province

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Caduceus Province

The primary goal of the House Asclepiusis to set up a stable government based on the principles, consent, and guidance of House Asclepius in Stensen and Bri`ahl Sector. All races are considered equal in the eyes of the House Asclepius. (HA). All planets and systems within Stensen and Bri`ahl Sector excluding systems owned by other governing bodies (factions) are considered territories of the Caduceus Province. Citizens and visitors alike are bound by the laws of the province. The purpose of HA is to facilitate the peaceful expansion and protection of the citizens in Stensen and Bri`ahl Sector. HA will set up a defended and protected Commercial trading system in Chondre, eventually expanding to five defended Commercial trading planets which will provide the necessary tax based income to develop the rest of the sector to its maximum potential.



House Asclepius or HA was founded on Year 8 Day 245, with an Embassy on the lake-front of Lake Maya Kovel on Maya Kovel V. Lake Maya Kovel features a luxurious underwater city that many travel to see. The city, made of Transparisteel bubbles with leveled Duracrete streets strong enough to hold structures, offers an exciting view of exotic glowing fish that are exclusive to this planet. Many collectors of aquatic life have tried to smuggle out some of these precious glowing fish, but few have been able to, due to an effort by the planetary board to keep the fish exclusive to Maya Kovel V.

Working diligently to provide Avance citizen's with all of their medical needs as well as laying down infrastructure to enable AMC to become completely self-sufficient AMC's infrastructure grew large enough that on Year 9 Day 279 the corps petitioned for and received permission to govern Caduceus Province. AMC's goal, to set up a stable government based on the principles set forth by the Avance government in the hopes of further increasing AMC's infrastructure, as well as providing for the medical needs of citizens of the Galaxy who would not normally have had access to first rate medical care. AMC also hopes to set up and protect a commercial trading system in Chondre, eventually expanding it to five defended Commercial trading planets which will provide the necessary tax based income to develop the rest of the sector to its maximum potential.

Caduceus Province, or Cp is located in the Stensen and Bri`ahl Sector of Space. It includes the systems Ghothia, Bastooine, Sareet, Bri`ahl, Malor-77, Kalzeron.

Following the cities lead the Maya Kovel V embassy is engineered in such a manner that it blends in almost completely with the surrounding terrain, making it an ideal location for patients the galaxy over to come and convalesce. When you arrive at our embassy you will be cordially greeted by a team of nurses, receptionists, and orderlies.

If a job in the medical field excites you please ask to see our employee representative who will gladly inform you of the careers available through House Asclepius's training programs. Some examples of optional career fields include: prospecting, production of medical goods, production of medical vehicles, construction, city management, freighter pilots, defense pilots and defense forces.

Systems and Laws:

All systems fall under Avance Law. All systems fall under Province law: Subject to Avance law. System council has the right to add additional laws as long as they do not conflict either of the above laws.

Province law:

a) Citizenship:

All citizens of Stensen and Bri`ahl Sector must be citizens of Avance. All citizens employed by Caduceus Province must be members of HA.

Sector Government (Province Stensen and Bri`ahl Sector)

Sector Government Council:

A modified form of representative democracy in which the people's elected deputies (representatives), not the people themselves, vote on legislation, based upon and subject to Avance Law.

The HA Province is overseen and directed by the following: Leader and 2IC of HA* The chairman of each system government The Leader and 2IC of HA may not become chairman over a system.

The Province Council has the power to propose and enact laws as well as empowering individuals or groups of individuals to act as the Judiciary, it is responsible for the wellbeing of the HA, it is their duty to oversee the functioning of the government and do what is necessary to defend the ideals of the government.

Sector Government Welfare:

Caduceus Province Council will make general decisions to improve overall welfare in the Stensen and Bri`ahl Sector.

Sector Government Defense:

The Caduceus Province will provide a Militia that will be first defense for Stensen and Bri`ahl Sector and will act as supplement to ASF.

System Government in Stensen and Bri`ahl Sector:'

System Government Council:

Any group of minimum three to maximum five HA members can form a sub government that will function like a minor house. The founding members of this sub government form the council of a system, and they are allowed and encouraged to expand their group.

No more than five of each such group can be council members; all additional will be regular members/investors in the system government.

A System Council may send one member of the council to the Province Council, this sentient is known as the chairman.

Only SRE employees can become council members and Council members have to be part of ASF reserves, main ASF, HA militia or The Wraiths (TW)

The council is responsible for all decisions made in that system, as well as all actions done there.

All system governments need to have representation in minimum three different SRE factions in their council.

A sentient can be a part of only one system Government.

Bill of Rights:

These rights are non-transferable, inseparable, and are to be respected for all races and ethnic groups

  1. All sentients shall have freedom of religion, speech, press, and peaceable assembly as well as the right to petition the government.
  2. All sentients shall have the right to keep and bear arms.
  3. All sentients shall have the right to settle freely in areas open for settlement.
  4. All sentients shall have the right to feel safe from constant harassment of the police, so that in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, shall not be unreasonably searched or seized.
  5. This right shall not be violated, and no warrants shall be issued, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
  6. No sentient shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall they be accused of the same twice crime once proven innocent, and they shall not be in any way forced to self-incriminate, nor shall private property be used for the common good without just compensation at market value.
  7. All sentients shall have the right to a safe and speedy trial of with a jury of their peers.

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