Candoria (System)

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General information
Sector Phu
Galactic Coordinates -82, -80
Date of Discovery Before Year 0
Planets 1
Suns 1
Moons 0
Asteroid Fields 1
Space Stations 85
Population 876,638,521
Controlled By Mecrosa
Astrographic Entry Candoria
This article is about a planetary system. For the planet located therein, see Candoria.

Candoria is a planetary system in the Phu Sector. Two bodies orbit the system's lone sun: Candoria, and the Candoria Asteroid Belt.


Planet Position Type Size Population Controller
Candoria (8, 13) temperate/breathable 10x10 876,374,648 Mecrosa
Candoria Asteroid Belt (0, 14) asteroid field 1x1 263,873 Mecrosa

Mecrotica Conglomerate
Leadership Dac Kain · Alysia Kain · Spree Razzix · Coleman Rendar · Alleria Liadrin · Andre Lauche · Alessandro de Caito
Other Phu Sector University
Current Subsidiaries Mecrosa · Xucphra · Viraxo Industries · The Mecrosa Order · The Angry Rancor Distribution Company · Kobola
Former Subsidiaries TransGalMeg · Outlanders · Mecrosa Trading Company
Sectors Phu · Illodia · Questal
Systems Candoria · Dahrtag · Hjaff · Illodia · Phu · Questal · Trunska