Cantrell Institute of the Arts

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Cantrell Institute of the Arts
General Information
Status Active
Leader Vorian Hadal
Owner Cantrell Conglomerate
Historical Information
Founded Year 21 Day 127
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Education & Information

As the Cantrell Conglomerate has grown, Avelyn ca Vella and Artemis de Chatillon jointly decided that an academic institution system with was needed where those interested could go and learn about Ord Cantrell and also capture and cultivate their natural artistic abilities. Thus, the Cantrell Institute of the Arts, also known as CIA, was born.

Founded in the Leafar system, the Cantrell Institute of the Arts is an informational source with vast physical and digital archives dedicated to the enhancement of the people of Leafar and also, through a satellite university, the people of Ord Cantrell and the Cantrell Conglomerate. Other services of CIA are cheaply available SySat datacards and access to the blueprints to construct your own facilities or space stations with only a modest daily fee to CIA. In the future, CIA will offer satellite grids in various systems, zoo station construction and more.