Carn`ilo` Sabosen

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Carn`ilo` Sabosen
Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -18
Died Year 11 Day 209
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.85 meters
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Chiss Ascendancy
Rank Chief of Operations
Positions Aristocra of House Sabosen, Minister of Justice
Prior Affiliation Terra Stryker Industries

Lyran Seperatists

Chiss Material Extractions

Carn`ilo` Sabosen, known by his core name "Nilos", has held many positions, and was recognized as the public face of the Chiss Ascendancy racial community.


Early life

Carn`ilo` Sabosen was born in -18 CGT on Csilla in the capital city of Csaplar City. By this time however, the city was under control of the Chiss Parliament. He witnessed the fall of the Old CEDF when he was 14 years old.

His name was not a blessing, but a curse. Nilos spent his formative on the run with his parents. His family was blamed(as were any of the surviving remnants of the old Chiss Houses) for the current state of affairs in Chiss Space.

His family traveled with a group of Hapan freelance traders until Nilos was 16. When he was 15, bounty hunters hired by the Thronist faction (a group a chiss who believed that Csilla should be a monarchy) killed his parents.

When he returned to Csilla, he took a position in the Halluran City Urban Militia.The Urban Militia agreed to pay for his education at the newly constructed University of Csilla.

When he was 19, the University and the militia garrison were destroyed in a surprise attack.

Then Nilos returned almost year later to take a job as Chief of Security at the Halluran City local Casino.Never sharing with anyone what happened to him during the year everyone thought he was dead.

Smuggler and Soldier

One day, he received a transmission. It was a data packet whose origins were revealed to be the other side of the galaxy, somewhere in the Core or Corellian sectors.

After reading the message, Nilos packed his belongings and joined Terra Stryker Industries as he knew the well connected group was the best way to get offworld.

After many weeks, Nilos became bored and desired to join a less isolated group. He ran into a recruiter from the Lyran Separatists, where he served with distinction for some time.

Tough Medicine

He soon realized that the Lyran cause was a lost cause and was tired of the menial task and mindless politicking.

During this time period, he became one of the key supporters for a revived Chiss Ascendancy. He assumed the mantle of leadership, as some of the other members of the Chiss Society were reluctant to leave their current employer.

After much discussion, it was decided to register the reformed Chiss Ascendancy as a medical corporation.

Nilos soon found it to be more challenging then he thought, but has managed to hold the group together despite every obstacle.

Shortly after joining and making many much needed improvements to the Ascendancy.Sye Montaris went missing.The Minister was last seen discussing scripture he had obtained after joining the Scion of the Maker congregation.They were a radical Wayist splinter group, and Sabosen was concerned that they were the personal cult of Kyria Wild. Before he could begin an investigation.Events on Csilla called his attention.

Sye's Revolt

Material Matters

Sabosen then joined and became Chief Operations Officer of Chiss Material Extractions, a new endeavour by the ascendancy to raise capital. It was decided that the business would be mining.

It was as Operational leader of CME that a new chiss colony world was purchased.

Native Race

"We the Native Races of the Galaxy assembled...."

-Preamble to the Charter of the Council of Native Races

After discussion with Io Toda about concern over the suppression of nonhuman cultures by governments and corproations, the pair proposed aligning their respective racial communities into a new Pan-Racial Alliance.Nilos even wrote the draft of the CNR charter. The group took criticism of being anti-human, even supporting terrorist activity.This action was a factor that caused Flar Gar , owner of Chiss Material Extractions to declare CME independent of the Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile.

Chiss Summit and the Shadow

Carn`ilo` Sabosen called a Chiss Summit on the to unify the chiss people and to inaugurate the Chiss Ascendancy in Exile. The summit yielded a new degree of cooperation of chiss from across the galaxy.

It was here that Sabosen officially transformed the Chiss Society into the Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile.He called for the reformation of the Houses, the reestablishment of the Chiss Expeditionary Defense Forces, and other cultural initiatives.

After the summit they received a mysterious transmission and a request to assist a Mining colony in need.


"Execute the traitor Nilos.Execute"

-Flar Gar(Carn`ilo` Sabosen Trial Transcript)

Believing that Flar Gar's policies in CME were not advancing the Chiss Ascendancy, he hired a bounty hunter to assassinate Flar.The attempt failed as Flar discovered the plot.He then tricked Nilos aboard a ship and had him arrested.

In an address to the Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile, Nilos admitted guilt. Chiss Material Extractions then changed its named to "The Chiss Ascendancy" and publicly delcared that Nilos had been executed for High Treason.



Carn`ilo` Sabosen's quest to reunify the Chiss people has brought into contact with many well known chiss in the galaxy. Some he befriended and learned to trust(such as Hura`tow` Nakesh), and others he found detestable (like Markus Oblivion).

Service Record

Leader of Chiss Ascendancy
Preceded By:
Inrokini`luci Sabile
Aristocra Sabosen
Year 10 Year 12 Day 109
Succeeded By:
Flar Gar