Caroline Merlyn

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Caroline Abigail Merlyn
Biographical Information
Homeworld Naboo
House House Merlyn
Mother Kairi Merlyn (née Deveraux)
Father Jasper Merlyn
Siblings Callum Merlyn (twin)
Rahni Merlyn
Born Year -3 Day 314 (age 20)
Languages Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.83m 6'0"
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Rank Legionaire
Positions Soldier, Imperial Army

Caroline Merlyn is a Naboo female currently serving as a First Lieutenant in the Imperial Army.


Early life

Caroline was born on Naboo, late in the year -3 CGT. Her parents were both busy committing rebellious acts, and since they could not in good consciousness take her with them on their travels, young Caroline was left with her aunt on the planet she was born on. Naboo.

Growing up wasn't very hard. Caroline's family had a decent chunk of credits -One of Caroline's ancestors had been the Queen of Naboo, and the family had strong business connections these days-, so little Caroline never lacked a thing. Though she was always rather average compared to her cousins. She started walking and talking at your average time, and didn't really distinguish herself overall.

At the age of 4, Caroline's formal education started. She attended a private school that the family had attended for generations before her -just because she didn't have the same name, didn't mean she wasn't one of them-.

By the time she started secondary school, Caroline was an avid sportswoman. She played several sports, and swimming became her favourite pasttime. She loved being in, and around the water and spent every moment she could doing what she loved.

At around the age of 14, Caroline's father joined her life. He had returned for another business trip, and found that he had a daughter. After this, he came to visit as often as he could, but even so Caroline was lucky to see the man once or twice every three months. Nonetheless, she loved being able to see him at all.

At the age of 16, Caroline was in the running to become the Queen of Naboo. She lost, however, by a very small margin. Even though she lost, the fact that it was so close earned her and her family a fair amount of prestige, and they used this to secure a number of high level positions. This included a job in government for Caroline. At the age of twenty, Caroline had seen all she wanted to see of Naboo for a while. She was comfortable, but didn't want to stay there. Too old to really run for Queen again, but too young for any good job, she decided to build a life in the Empire.

Imperial Academy

After leaving Naboo, Caroline applied to, and was accepted into the Imperial Academy. Despite some people in her life urging her to stay at home, Caroline wanted to go out into the galaxy. This was clearly part of her father's genes, everyone noted when she promptly ignored everyone.

Academically, Caroline scored very well, earning a 94.86% on her theoretical exams --just barely short of graduating with honours. She then started her practical assignments, and flew through them with remarkable speed. On day 263, of Year 17, Caroline graduated from the Academy, and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Imperial Army.

The Army

Following Caroline's commissioning, she was assigned to a brigade just returning from a long assignment. There were a lot of jobs to do for her, and she did them diligently. As a reward for her excellent service, Caroline was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant on Year 17, Day 353.



Kyran Caelius

Caroline considers Kyran to be one of her closest friends.