Cassidy Violet Andromeda

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Personal Information
Name: Cassidy Violet Andromeda
Home World:
Species: "Modified" Anzati
Marital Status: Married
Physical Description

5'10 (177.8cm)


122 (55kg)

Gender: Female
Hair: Black with silver. (Previously blonde/red.)
Eyes: Violet
Father: N/A
Mother: N/A
  • Twins. Alec and Alecia Andromeda.
  • Triplets. Haze, Briar and Kaylin Andromeda.

Cassidy Violet Andromeda is an Anzati with bright violet eyes, black and silver hair and a fierceness to her. She is most often seen/reported wielding her two vibroblades "Crimson Regret" and "Silent Serenity", but has also been known to use a white personalised bow caster and even in some recent cases the woman has been reported riding a lightly armoured Kaadu when hunting. She is the current leader of Karmaex and prone to visiting and exploring all sorts of planets as she deems fit.


What information there is on Cassidy is derived solely from collectively spliced security logs, security camera/droid footage and hotel check in manifests from dozens of different planets all over the galaxy. Cassidy's family tree, though having both her parents redacted in said tree and all familial records, shows that she supposedly has two biological siblings though traces of two sentients existing with the names given on the family tree that have any connection to Cassidy is....Completely impossible, as though the names of Cassidy's siblings given on the family tree are completely made up names. Cassidy holds many titles one of the most prominent of which being, "The Crimson Butcher." Given to her by local swoop gangs of Taris, even to this day, due to her single handed butchering of an entire swoop gang after she had purposefully let herself be caught by said gang in order to get close to their ships, eventually stealing all of them.

Due to the woman's frequent travel during the entirety of her life she has had quite the few jobs in her time. Ranging from a bouncer for small time bars and cantinas, to a champion swoop racer on multiple meaningless small time swoop race tracks around the galaxy, even holding jobs such as weapons tester for all but unknown manufacturing companies around the galaxy, though not all of her jobs were so...Exciting. Employment logs show she has also worked as a freelance hauler, chem lab intern and occasional mercenary for hire. The woman's job in the current day apart from running Karmaex and working in the Fairwind Exotics Auctions...Is unknown.


Standing at 5'10 (177.8cm) and weighing 122 (55kg) Cassidy has an athletic build from what security footage of the woman could be scrounged up, her only visible piercings being on her ears and in some cases her nose. Which Cassidy does not seem to have a nose piercing in the current day so the images and footage captured of the Anzati with a nose ring could be simple look a like imposters. In any case it is highly unconfirmed either way. She has no visible tattoo in any image or footage captured of the woman.