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Arcona normally thought of themselves not as individuals but as a collective whole. Largely foresaking individuality they often referred to themselves as "we" even when alone. The Arcona lived in loose, family-based communities called nests, which were ruled by a Grand Nest. Because Arcona were born in nests underground they obtained a close sense of family living in close quarters with brothers and sisters.
The males took care of the young, as the females were generally reckless and thrill-seeking.

A Grand Nest was a main nest in a clearing on Cona around which Arcona built their own nests, and the social center of the culture. Arcona never built a family nest more than 20 kilometers away from the Grand Nest. Meetings in the Grand Nest were held every twenty days and were led by a Nest Leader, who was a male Arconan chosen by popular vote to lead.

The Nest Leader was the elected leader of a Grand Nest on Cona, a planet populated by the reptilian Arcona. The Nest Leader counducted meetings and handled city affairs, much like a mayor.

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