Chadd Fearsons

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Chadd Fearsons
Biographical Information
Race Human
Died Year 5
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Rank Flight Sergeant
Positions Assault Gunboat pilot

Chadd Fearsons was an Imperial pilot during the turbulent era surrounding the Battle of Commenor and the Imperial merge with the Dark Empire. Classified as an Imperial Loyalist, Fearsons achieved the rank of Flight Sergeant and spear-headed the idea of an Imperial Starfighter Corps. The plans fell to the wayside following a series of cataclysmic events that resulted in execution for the young up and coming pilot.

Early Years

Chadd Fearsons - born Sarek Tre Fearsons, but using a heavily Coruscantized name in order to blend with his community - was born on a refugee ship bordering the Unknown Regions. His mother tragically died at childbirth and his father had dispersed somewhere amongst the other thousands of refugees, never to be actually identified. His Imperial birth certificate officially labeled him as a bastard, assuming the father had died in the natural disaster that resulted in the flight from their planet.

Young Sarek was born with deep, glowing eyes, which proved to be a point of contention with other young refugees. The bullying treatment he received as a child heavily influenced his desire to join the Galactic Empire, hoping to erase any questions of his roots.

Growing up, he bounced from refugee camp to refugee camp, all the while growing deeply resentful of his surroundings on the outer planets. He developed a reputation as a thrillseeker; his favorite activity after mandatory classes was to jump from one of the highest points at Tohaman River, narrowly dodging rocks before splashing into the green waters.

At seventeen, Imperial recruiters making rounds at the refugee camps promised a hefty sign on bonus and an education, which included an escape from the refugee camps. Intrigued by a life of discipline, Sarek enlisted with the Imperial Navy under the name of "Chadd," the name of a local Imperial Magistrate who was later found dead in an alcohol related speeder accident.

A month later, Recruit Chadd Fearsons was shipped out to Coruscant to begin his preliminary inspections.

Imperial Beginnings

Recruit Fearsons graduated quickly - and his instructors noted both his zeal and dedication. Despite his modest upbringing, he showed an aptitude for learning and could adapt quickly. His tactical acuity, sharp reaction times, and ability to endure strain made him an ideal match for high speed TIE craft - and he was assigned to a TIE/ln squadron of little distinction.

The young man made friends easily in the Second Assault Fleet, dubbed the Krayt Dragons, under Captain Hack Skice and Commander Syn. He found he liked his squadron XO and his fleet CO, who in turn appreciated his die hard dedication to the Empire.

He grew increasingly frustrated, however, as his lowly background, limited education, and starfighter based skills resulted in slow advancement.