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Avance was founded on a system of laws
"We, the people of the Avance Coalition, formed this Coalition in the hopes of providing for the people of the Moddell Sector. The Coalition will be the home of the refugees of all types that are fleeing persecution of all kinds from throughout the Galaxy. The Coalition’s determines itself to spreading it’s ideals to the galaxy and thus must spread itself to wherever it will be accepted. We therefore found this Coalition upon the principles that recognize the rights of the individual and recognize the supremacy of the rule of law."
— Preamble of 'The Charter of The Avance Coalition', Year 6 Day 9 CGT


The charter of The Avance Coalition is the founding document of the Coalition and outlines how Avance culture is to function, the division of powers, its house system, its military and its leaders.


The original document was drawn up by Kyle Rainer during the lead up to Avance's founding. Although the Charter was not officially ratified until much later, the Coalition operated as if it was in effect. The final version of the document was fully ratified almost three years later on Year 8 Day 155 when Venix Soyak and Kyle Rainer signed the document for their respective Houses. The signatures are dated retroactively to Year 6 Day 9, thus ensuring all actions taken by the government before then where considered fully legal.


The Charter has been amended once, with respect to the classification and responsibilities of each Avance House. The First Amendment to the Charter of the Avance Coalition was drawn up just after the retification of the original charter, and was approved by the Hall of Houses and and signed by Venix Soyak on Year 8 Day 328.

"This document is to be considered an amendment to the Charter of the Avance Coalition and supersedes it where relevant. Official document reference is 'An Amendment to the Avance Charter #1'."
— 'The New Avance Coalition', Year 8 Day 329


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Charter of The Avance Coalition